WWE 2K22 Full Review

WWE 2K22 Full Review

What a difference one year off can make.

Following the aftermath of the debacle of WWE 2K20, 2K Games and creator Visual Concepts smartly decided to put one of the games out to allow to reset and focus the entire series. This is a good choice, too, since the resultant WWE 2K22 is, by far, more polished, and modern rendition of the series since it was first introduced in the year 2013. While this doesn’t mean that it’s completely free of glitches and awkward collision detection servers disconnects and other long-standing issues, but most of them are in control in the present and it’s clear that the team really took many significant feedback elements to the heart. The action is quicker and the controls aren’t complicated at the ground level and the wrestlers (mostly) appear stunning and there aren’t any confusion-causing lootboxes that hinder the progression of the career mode. In addition the complete overhaul of the strike/grapple system an overhaul that WWE 2K has been in urgent require of.

It’s evident that among the main objectives of WWE 2K22 was to streamline what’s become after years of iterations, an overwhelming number of rules that govern the basic wrestling mechanics. There’s no stamina meter, there are no multi-tiered lifebars, there are no reverse stocks, no mini-games of chain wrestling and no more minigames for rest and each wrestler has a specific payback feature.

This may appear as if you’re throwing your baby out in the bath however, it’s actually an effort to trim fat that’s been paid for. WWE 2K22’s wrestling is more fun, faster and is more pick-up and play accommodating for novices than ever. It’s almost all excellent changes, and what’s missing from the “Pro Wrestling Simulation” department is covered by”The Fun” department “This can be Fun To Play” department.

WWE 2K22’s combat feels faster and is more grab-and-play accommodating than ever.

The amazing moments that bring the excitement of professional wrestling will never cease to amaze you. People who love WWE are sure to benefit from the action, especially considering the degree to which each wrestler’s style matches their real-world moves and techniques. However, even those who aren’t familiar with pro wrestling will find plenty to enjoy about the high-speed, fast-paced action, and the wide array of amazing moves that you can witness.

The fights are also improved because of the improved camera angles that are better at of framing the action both inside and out of the ring, more realistic characters for each wrestler, a more responsive and varied crowd and far more precise commentaries provided by Michael Cole, Corey Graves as well as Byron Saxton. The best part is that there’s a massive backstage area that can be used for falls count anywhere matches as well as backstage brawls that include cars that you can smash your opponent into, platforms high enough for you to knock your opponent off of and a variety of tables and weapons all over.

The only thing I’m not entirely happy about is the removal of reverse stocks. They gave each wrestler a certain number of reversals, which would be replenished as time went on. They were introduced in 2K16 to prevent the problem of matches between experienced wrestlers turning into a race to see who can miss the most important one first. It’s certainly enjoyable to trade reversals in the early stages during a game, but it’s not as if the time frame for them never gets smaller as the battle gets more intense and makes the process of concluding a match against a pro-level opponent exhausting since you can effectively trade finisher reversals back and forth for a long time. But I understand some arguments both for or against reverse stocks which is why I’d like at the very least a way to switch them on or off so that people can play as they please.

C-C-C-Combo Breaker

The second major alteration to the basic structure in WWE 2K22’s style of wrestling involves the revamp of the strike/grapple method, which is more focused on combos than the past and draws some of the mechanics used in more conventional fighting games. WWE 2K22’s system of combos utilizes three buttons, one for heavy as well as heavy and the ability to carry on a combo with a single press with similar or greater strength with up to four buttons in every combination. By pressing the most powerful button, such as a grab will complete the combo using any unique move connected to the particular combination string.


It is crucial to be aware because only the initial strike of a combo is reverse-able. Following that, you need to know which button the attacker likely to press next, and match them prior to when their attack is unleashed to end the combo. If you don’t guess correctly you’re locked out, and you’ll be eating the remainder of the combination. However, if you can look into the mind of your opponent and anticipate their moves, it’s a fantastically satisfying experience – and also a fantastic way to stay out of the same pattern. It’s basically a mini variant of Killer Instinct’s breaker system, but without the announcer shouting C-C-C-COMBO-BREAKER. It’s interesting to see a bit of the fighting game’s concept incorporated into the world of a WWE game.

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If you can enter your opponent’s mind and predict their movements, it’s a hugely rewarding experience.

Another fight game influence on WWE 2K22’s grappling actions is the segmented gauge that can be used to practice a variety offensive and defensive tactics. You only need to spend one bar and you’ll instantly be lifted off the mat, as if wrestling was real or. Spend two bars and you’ll be able to utilize your character’s one-time-use Payback special move. These can range from a low strike, to taking the finisher of your opponent to use against them, or the ability to spray poison mist into the eyes of your opponent. Make sure that you don’t let the ref detect it. If you are able to complete the entire thing, you’ll be able use your Signature move. This should it be successful it, instantly grants you a finisher charge you can use to hit your best move. Signatures and paybacks have definitely been a part of the game previously, but the ability to use a portion of the same power that powers their use to create a powerful defensive technique that can help you escape from an awkward situation is an extremely welcome feature.

MyCareer 2.0

From a perspective of a single player The main drawbacks for single-players in WWE 2K22 are the career and showcase modes and the career mode undergoing the biggest modifications. MyCareer was renamed MyRise It has thrown away the linear narrative of previous seasons in favor of an open-ended experience that allows you to chart your own route within the WWE. There’s plenty of choice to choose from: You can begin your journey with Smackdown as a fan favorite and then get caught up in various stories, then decide to change sides, be transferred to Raw and then be able to access an array of brand new storylines that weren’t open to you prior. There are a variety of small choices you can make which determine which wrestlers you’re friends with, the ones you challenge and what types of matches you’d like to engage in.

In comparison to the previous WWE 2K career modes, MyRise offers more for significantly less. There are three models, each having its own rosters and titles to follow distinct storylines based on your status as a face or a heel and two distinct campaigns based on whether you’re a female or male developed persona, MyRise will keep you entertained for quite a while If you want to play everything and collect every title. It’s also great that there’s not a terribly complicated progression system hindering the ability to customize your character in any way you’d like! It’s easy to increase your stats, and also customize your appearance, entrance and moveset, without having to access anything you don’t are able to access outside of game mode.

The story’s content isn’t as good as the WWE’s explosive style.

The real storyline content isn’t as enthralling as the WWE’s explosive taste. The majority all the dialog is made available through unvoiced social media posts and text messages. There aren’t as many promos or cuts than we’ve seen in the past, and although there are some funny plotlines – like Riddle finding himself in hot water with Goldberg because of the scathing social media posts Riddle did notmade in real life – little that really is memorable. There’s nothing crazy about Samoa Joe with a bionic arm, or Bray Wyatt dragging you to the Wyatt compound. These are just typical wrestling clichés that you’ve experienced a hundred times when you’ve been a lover of WWE over the last couple of years. There are a few WWE Superstars that lend their voices to the storyline, but most of the performances seem boring and unfocused. It’s also evident there are instances where voice-over recordings occurred during quarantine because the audio quality is uneven.

While the implementation may not achieve the goal MyRise’s emphasis on relevant selections and the vast quantity of content available are definitely moves in the right direction.

Showcase Mode has largely remained the same as previous versions, with only it being the case that players remain cannot save checkpoints during a match (yes I’ll continue making this point in each WWE 2K Review until very end of time). It focuses on The legendary life and career of Rey Mysterio, which is an emotional journey that reveals the closeness he has to the legendary Eddie Guerrero. The thing that is really impressive about Showcase however, is the way it switches between WWE 2K’s gaming engine and actual footage from the matches in the most important moments, while Mysterio offers a continuous commentary, and provides interesting insights into every match.

WWE 2K22 price 

The price of WWE 2K22 is 44.99$. You can buy this game for Stream.

General Management

As usual WWE 2K22 is brimming with information, and the importance of that cannot be overstated. There’s the customizable sandbox that is Universe Mode; the roster of more than 160 characters; to the insane insanely in-depth creative tools that let you create wrestlers, belts, arenas, movelists, and more; and the brand-new MyFaction mode, which is a microtransaction-laden minefield, but it’s at least a quarantined-off microtransaction laden minefield.

The most exciting new feature is MyGM mode. MyGM game mode that is back in the world of video games involving wrestling in the form of a first since Smackdown and Raw 2008. This is basically an exercise in management that places players in the position that of the General Manager accountable for either Raw Smackdown, Raw, or NXT and the choices you make will be quite enjoyable to experiment with. You’ll be competing against the AI or another participant for 15 weeks, while you attempt to outdo each other in the ratings . You do this by creating the roster, scheduling shows and managing logistics, all on an extremely limited budget. There’s plenty to think about you’d like opponents to be able to take on as well as your closing and opening matches to be better than mid-card games as well as your top draws to be fit for the big Pay-Per-Views and that’s only getting started. It’s a very niche mode and honestly, I do not know if any of my buddies would ever wish to take a shot with me, but playing against the AI is a great distraction.


2K Games and Visual Concepts were in need of a win with WWE 2K22, and while it’s still far from a total revamp, it’s likely the most significant improvement that the series has seen in its history. The time off has definitely resulted in a lot of positive changes: Most of the bugs that I had to deal with during WWE 2K20 have been squashed The revamped combat is more efficient, less bloated and packed with smart adjustments that make it more accessible for those who are new to the series and rewarding for veterans. MyRise is a way to take the MyCareer mode to a new and exciting direction as well as MyGM provides a unique however an excellent management simulation which is sure to be an enjoyable experience If you can find a similar-minded player to play with. It’s all in addition to an amazing visual revamp which makes all 160superstars look as good as they’ve ever seen in video games. This is the very rare instance of a slogan for marketing that is actually true: WWE 2K22 hits different.

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