Why are Apex Legends players disappointed by this new Legend’s design?

Why are Apex Legends players disappointed by this new Legend's design?

Apex Legends players are disappointed with one particular aspect that was revealed in the Season 12 Defiance trailer. After waiting for months and awaiting, it appears that some fans were not happy with what’s been revealed about the coming seasons in the sport.

Fans have been asking questions about the new Legend added into the game. Respawn has finally announced the news that Mad Maggie will join the Legends roster Legends for Season 12.

The developers created a brief video of her arrival within the Outlands. The video revealed how she was taken from an aircraft into Olympus in the hands of the Syndicate.

Mad Maggie’s character model isn’t able to satisfy Apex Legends fans.

The fans didn’t have a lot of objection to the movie, except for one thing. They were not happy with the dimensions of Maggie’s arms even going as far as to label them “twig arms”. It’s a modest design option however it has upset most of the people who love Apex Legends and its characters.

Many fans claim that the design decision isn’t accurate and doesn’t make sense. This is to ensure that players don’t have the same character on launch. Although the trailer may not be representative of the actual character’s model, gamers are already vocal regarding this point of view.

They defend their assertion of the reason Maggie should be stronger by citing Maggie’s past and her former role as the freedom fighter. When compared to Fuse who is larger than his former comrade in the latest trailer.

How have fans reacted to the character of Mad Maggie

The fans have posted on Twitter and have made several posts regarding Maggie’s choices in design. While the posts are not accurate but they’re a strong reflection of the opinions of the community toward Respawn and it is yet to be determined how they will take.

The only option for those who love the game is to watch and wait to see what the in-game character model will play out. With the 8th of February nearing its date it will be difficult to Respawn to make changes to an in-game character’s model with such short notice prior to launch. The fans can be hopeful that the choice in design was made only to make the trailer.

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