Warzone Jan 26 update patch notes

Warzone Jan 26 update patch notes

Raven Software has rolled out the latest Warzone update on the 26th of January and focuses on a variety of issues, ranging including Buy Stations freezing to problems with Xbox consoles.

The game’s creators have decided to alter a few things within their Battle Royale game. In the wake of investigations into the players who are stuck on the map it seems they’re working quickly to solve the issue.

When the patch was announced After the patch was confirmed, they stated via Twitter: “Major improvements have been made to decrease the frequency that players stop playing when they access Purchase Stations.

“Please be aware that we are continuing to encounter instances of this problem. We appreciate your patience as we continue this investigation.”

However, there are several changes that users will be able to notice after downloading the update.

The complete notes on the patch are available below, and consists of nine fixes all over the board.

Warzone Update for January 26 Notes on the full patch

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed collision issues for various elements throughout Caldera which allowed players to peek/exploit through them.
  • Corrected an issue that caused instabilities when typing characters not ASCII (eg: (c), (r), ™, ).
  • A second issue was fixed that caused that the screen for menus to flash.
  • Corrected an issue that allowed players to respawn through buyback with a small portion of their initial Loadout.
  • Corrected an issue that led to more placeholder pictures to be displayed in different Store Bundle previews and/or purchases.
  • Correction of an issue that caused live games to stop working.
  • Fixing an issue that caused players to slide into a pit of despair while trying to swim in the pool.
  • A bug was fixed that caused two Loadout Public Event to not be played in the main Battle Royale modes.

Xbox improvements

  • The issue was resolved that caused instabilities when hitting the Xbox home button twice playing.

Other tickets have been submitted to Warzone’s officially-owned warzone.trello.com board that include skins with invisible designs and issues with Invert Mouse Look on PC.

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