Valorant Battle Royale Coming Soon, Coming from Credible Insider

Valorant Battle Royale Coming Soon, Coming from Credible Insider
According to one credible insider, it looks like Riot Games’ Valorant is getting a dedicated battle royale mode. The leaker has made many claims about the game in the past that turned out true, and their track record of being reliable makes this following claim all too real. According to PlayerIGN (no relation to IGN or IGN India), who’s been very accurate on leaks before they were revealed, according to them, Valorant will be receiving its Battle Royale mode soon enough! In this blog, we will talk about complete details about Valorant Battle Royale Coming Soon.

Valorant Battle Royale Coming Soon

Riot games are updating Valorant day by day. They bring new agents with almost every update. And before some time, they announced the mobile version of Valorant. And there is some chance that they will add battle royale mode in their mobile game, making sense for a market like Bangladesh and India. Because after launching Pubg mobile, COD Mobile, Free Fire, etc. Everybody wants to play battle royale. But I think they will launch the Battle Royale on the PC version first. Because, If they add battle royale mode on PC first, then this will create more hype. And after adding Battle Royale mode, two modes are available on PC version TDM and Battle Royale. The one who wants to play Battle Royale mode will play Battle Royale, and the one who wants to play TDM mode will play TDM.  For this, the PC version of Valorant will be more famous. And after getting the feedback of the PC gamer about the Battle Royale mode, they can improve that and launch the mobile version of Valorant with Battle Royale mode.  These are all just rumors. These are not officially confirmed. But if Battle Royale mode will launch in Valorant, that will be very interesting, and gamers will enjoy playing this game. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

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