Twitch Streamer Asmongold Calls World of Warcraft Community ‘Trash’

Twitch Streamer Asmongold Calls World of Warcraft Community 'Trash'

The country is currently in a crisis world of WarcraftCommunity due to a variety of ongoing serious problems. The decision by Twitch streamer Asmongold not to continue streaming is perhaps the most important, but it has had a viral impact. World of WarcraftInstead, play Final Fantasy 14. Asmongold is well-known for stirring up the. World of WarcraftCommunity again. Asmongold offered his opinion on the matter in a Twitch stream. World of warcraft was called “trash” by some in the community.

Twitch Streamer Asmongold Calls World of Warcraft Community ‘Trash’

Asmongold discusses whether Final Fantasy 14’s community compares to World of Warcraft in a video that has been shared online. This is one of those comparisons that online communities are having more of due to the controversy surrounding Blizzard and the popularity of Final Fantasy 14. Asmongold said that he agreed with the sentiment that Final Fantasy14‘s community was more supportive.

Asmongold is more than just agreeing to the statement, although it may seem hyperbolic. Asmongold punctuates his point by saying, “That is absolutely true.” “There has never been a more true statement.” He disagrees that Final Fantasy 14’s community has a strong foundation and World of Warcraft’s is less robust, but there is a significant divide between them worth mentioning.

Asmongold does not stop at confirming his belief that Final Fantasy 14‘s communities are better. However, he continues to go beyond that, wanting not only to discuss why Final Fantasy 14’s society is good but also why World of Warcraft is so bad. Asmongold, in a self-deprecating manner, says he believes that the World of Warcraft community has a bad reputation and that he knew this because he was there.

Asmongold is no secret to having been a part of World of Warcraft’s sometimes toxic community. Many Twitch streamers are known for being controversial. It is also due to Asmongold’s long-standing World of Warcraft play, even though he does not enjoy it at times. His current stance was largely driven by Final Fantasy 14, which he wants immensely.

It’s not an ideal moment for World of Warcraft to be compared with any other game at the moment. Sentiment towards Blizzard as it struggles with allegations of gender discrimination is at an all-time low. The most recent patch has caused dissatisfaction among players. Final Fantasy 14 has a much better place than that. Asmongold may be merely stating what other Worlds of Warcraft players think.

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