Things that fans want from Grand Theft Auto 6

Things that fans want from Grand Theft Auto 6

Rockstar has finally confirmed what we believed in our hearts: a new Grand Theft Auto is coming soon. “We are pleased to confirm that active development for the next entry in the Grand Theft Auto series is well underway,” Rockstar announced Rockstar in a recent update for the community. There was there were no additional details or dates. We know that it’s taking place, however, in the meantime, we’re free to speculate about how the GTA 6 might be, or perhaps could — or perhaps–be.

What location will GTA 6 be set? What kind of era will it to be in? Is its online experience adequate enough to accommodate the millions of gamers that it is sure to draw? We’re not sure, however, we’re certain to give you our opinion.

GTA Online but it’s good

Phil Savage, UK Editor-in Chief:As many times as I’ve enjoyed GTA Online over the years I’m left to think about what it could be like if it weren’t such an uninspiring mess. The multiplayer component in GTA 5 clearly outperformed Rockstar’s initial goals and is evident every time you sign into. The reason is that various actions are tied to totally different menus based of whether or not they’re planned in the early days of the game when it was first created or bolted on later. It’s because there’s no consistency in the reward systems of different versions, which leaves older content as uninteresting and unneeded. It’s because groups are made into strange organizations that must be changed throughout the session, if you and your friends are also looking to be rewarded for their business ventures. It’s also in the way that each session will begin with at least thirty minutes trying to connect to friends who are who share the same map.

GTA 6 offers a real opportunity for Rockstar to develop an online game that’s worthy of GTA Online’s huge popularity in order to develop structures and systems that will help a constantly changing and expanding world. GTA Online could have been amazing, but instead it provided truly great experiences in the midst of a mountain of rubbish. If Rockstar is able to get the fundamental infrastructure in place, GTA 6’s multiplayer could be impossible to stop.

More effective role-playing

Morgan Park, Staff Writer:I got a real satisfaction from Red Dead Redemption 2. Its often-annoying determination to treat Arthur Morgan like an actual human being in the world. By pulling the left trigger, he could make a few basic greetings at people going about their lives was a great method of giving an Rockstar protagonist some other words than”run and shoot,” even in the event that my Arthur did shout the exact same rendition of “heeeey miSTER” a few too often. I enjoyed completing Arthur’s small tasks during long horse rides, such as creating rounds or finishing his revolvers. Grand Theft Auto could use more interactivity with the world as well, especially if the exploding growth of the GTA Online’s Roleplay servers is an indication that players are experimenting with the mix of mundane tasks with their murder-suicide games in a chaotic manner.

I don’t think it’s wrong to appreciate the occasional five-star police escape, however, I’d like to see more peaceful activities in any coastal city we’re heading to the next time. Rockstar has already realized this in GTA Online. One of its most popular features is the ability to curate your wardrobe or collecting custom automobiles. In the past, Rockstar added a official cars meet-based mode into the game (that players ended in working to earn extra XP and XP, which is a pity). I had lots of fun playing around with GTA5’s triathlons as well as golf courses, but it would be even more fun if aspects such as leisure and work were included in a real life simulator in GTA6.

The less open-world

Andy Chalk, US News Lead: The hallmark of Grand Theft Auto is its huge, open, and teeming worlds. They’re fantastic! However, they are extremely distracting. I’ve never been able to finish any GTA game since I always end up running around bowling or driving an ambulance, or something else, and after a couple of hours I’m not interested in the whole thing. I have no clue what I’m supposed be doing, and I’m not able to be bothered to learn since I’ve got over 150 hours of my time devoted to the game, accomplished almost nothing, and then I’m done.

To be honest to be clear, this is completely a “me” problem. I love sprawling, huge worlds of games that have tons to do, but I’m not able to be trusted without supervision. I require gentle guidance, a every now and again to remind me that yes, this is fun but there’s plenty of work to be doing and that you need to do it now. The Witcher 3 is probably the best illustration of this that I’ve come across It was an experience where I took The Path freely, but the fate of the game was always moving in my peripheral view. Even as I climbed mountains or wandering through woods in order to check out what was around me I was fully engaged and on the right track. It felt like there was a sense of purpose, perhaps it was something I’ve never experienced in any GTA game before, and frankly, I am not optimistic for GTA6 getting it done. However, if it is possible–if Rockstar will be willing to reduce the size of the game to allow of a more intimate, specific (and indeed it is possible to call it that, linear) experience, then I’m as a participant.

A strong female protagonist

Mollie Taylor Trainee News WriterYears spent being a part of GTA Online as a female character has made me long for to have a full-fledged, well-written female protagonist to appear on the next majorline title so badly. There’s nothing that brings me more pleasure than the thrill of kicking the crap out of men as my biker-girl OC and I think an edgy, sassy woman is an ideal addition to GTA 6. In the ideal scenario I’d like to have the trend of ensemble casting be maintained, featuring a strong intelligent, intelligent woman who terrorizes the other characters.

I’ve heard people say that female characters would not feel comfortable or blend into the world that Rockstar has created and I’m not sure if it’s just a bunch of nonsense. Women aren’t exempt from being gang leaders or criminals and I believe it’s about time Rockstar reflect this. The rumors that have been floating around seem to be in line with my ideals also, which is an ensemble cast that includes the female protagonist playing the character of hacker. This sounds pretty awesome to me. Let me know.

Lauren Morton, Associate Editor :There’s going to be a woman on the main cast. I’m not asking, I’m just telling. A woman who is prominent is pretty standard in this day and age, even for big-name developers working at the rate of Rockstar. Tim has pointed out that I have not yet caught up with Ozark and I’m sure we’re not all watching to see Jason Bateman playing the same tight-knuckle stick which he’s portrayed as. I’m here for the sexy and flawed, but amazing females of the crime genre, and will be turning on for GTA doing the same.

A Euphoria-like breakthrough in NPC interactions

Rich Stanton, News Editor: The contemporary incarnation of Grand Theft Auto began way in the past it was released with GTA4 which represented a leap in comparison to GTA: San Andreas as an engineering feat. There are a myriad of things to be flagged, however Rockstar North went big on the third-party technology of physics called Euphoria which created a world where NPCs could respond more realistically to whatever was happening. I still feel a little excitement when I drive close to pedestrians, and they place their feet on the car (and occasionally put their feet on it and laugh.)

I believe that Grand Theft Auto 6 has the potential to make the same kind of leap in how we view NPCs as Rockstar’s characters remain the most effective. The present state of the art gaming is packed with repetitive lines, dialogue which aren’t appropriate to the context and tone deafness to the atmosphere of the world and your character’s actions. They can be snarky and funny however the next step is to deal with extremely subtle judgments about what NPCs should be saying and when, as well as how they should react to an individual player.

I don’t think it’s overstating to claim that NPCs are among the most crucial features of the world whether you’re listening to conversations, cutting down the crowd, or sitting at a crosswalk and watching the world pass by. A lot of the player’s satisfaction with anything is due to how NPCs react and the things they say. It is the more subtle and more contextualized, and even the longer-lasting these responses can be, the more magical it can all appear.

To me, Grand Theft Auto 6 has to be a game with elements that nobody else is considering. It’s because Rockstar North has set the benchmark for so long and will remain at the top of the line. A leap forward in NPC technology is just one of my goals for the studio to grow.

More customization in my bazillion dollar apartment

Lauren Morton, Associate Editor:I am a simple woman. I enjoy making things. I construct items using The Sims. I create items in Valheim. I am a combat participant in the way that I can gain bits and bobs and trophies to put into my space. The two games GTA Online and Red Dead Online provide players with very little control over their spaces by means of themes you can purchase and then apply to properties that you have. If we’re thinking of the biggest and most exciting GTA 6, I want whatever its online component ends to be (and yes, it’s singleplayer is also an option) to allow me the power to design and messing around with properties. I’d like to know what hurt Mollie was feeling when she purchased a home in FF14..

A more pleasant online experience

Harry Shepherd, Guides Editor:As a long-time GTA player, Phil highlights the main shortcomings of the current multiplayer game However, it’s worth highlighting the difficulty of it for those who are new to the game. I’m a more single-player player in general, and that’s how I was back when GTA 5 came out. I was enthralled by Trevor and Co’s adventures in 2013 and then put it down once the credits began rolling. I was enthralled, and therefore I don’t have many additional ideas to improve the story-telling mode the obvious: please keep it up.

Since then, I’ve been aware of how popular GTA Online is and the amazing time that people spend with it. I’ve downloaded this game multiple times to test myself. Every time I’m frustrated by the messiness of GTA Online’s menus, annoying players trolling me, and an overall lack of idea of what I should do next. I have no idea how this can be resolved, I wish GTA 6 Online will be more welcoming to players who are new throughout its existence.

Leave America behind

Fraser Brown, Online Editor:Aside from the 1997 GTA expansion, London 1969, Rockstar’s not had much of an impact on the world outside of America especially its recreations from New York and Los Angeles. I’ve always liked this, since these aren’t actually American cities; they’re a parody created by Brits with a few insights and gags that are simpler to create for those who aren’t. In a medium that focuses largely on only the US and Japan I’m desperate to experience more of the world.

I’m able to get my fix of Assassin’s Creed I suppose however, it appears that the only way to go to these locations is when we go back to the past. That’s why I spent 30 hours playing Watch Dogs Legion, a game that I believe is unplayable. I was able to hang out in London and, boy was that an experience. Also, London is a nightmare! A trip to London is considered a punishment. After all the time on America, States the trip was like a breath of new air. The best part, however, was the chance to discover Edinburgh as part of Forza Horizon 4, which is the town that Rockstar North is based in.

Then, a parody version of Edinburgh could be an horriblesetting for an GTA. It’s a small city that has terrible roads and lots of students. The majority of the crime is likely wealthy individuals committing fraud. But just 45 minutes to the opposite side of Scotland we have Glasgow that was once the capital of knife crime in Europe. We’re extremely proud. We’ve seen very little gun violence in Scotland however, which could be a problem. However, does anyone actually play GTA simply because they think that it’s a good shooting experience? It’s not. Think of GTA Online but everyone’s just having large knives. This is an MMO I’m willing to play.

In reality I’ll travel to anyplace other than America.

Wes Fenlon, Senior Editor: This is the exact point I was trying to convey, Fraser. I’ve had enough of other brands in New York and Los Angeles and would like to see something more than the same old fashioned rehash of American culture yet again. There’s around 1% possibility of this happening however, as Rockstar doesn’t possess the knowledge or the desire to take on the city of Hong Kong or Seoul. Could we see a GTA Paris or Berlin? This seems a bit off.

If GTA is to have its location in America it should at the very least go back to the 60s or 70s. Cars will look more stylish and we won’t need to worry about having our cellphones ringing every 10 seconds. But, again I’m not sure it’s occurring. The complete trash fire that will be currently the United States in 2022 is most likely to be irresistible. The talk radio station that talks about politics is likely to be miserable.

A cheating code that makes all cars fly around, crash, and so on

Tyler Wilde, Executive Editor: The proper way to play GTA is to blast through the opening mission in the fastest way you can, then enter several cheat codes, and finally launch an imitation Bugatti into airspace that is restricted, not paying attention to anything related to the story for the rest of your life. I’m certain GTA 6 will have cheat codes, as they do in all games therefore it’s not an issue that required making. I was just looking to get to make sure it was recorded.

Modifications that actually work

Chris Livingston, Features Producer:Modding has always been an important aspect of GTA however the hurdles modders must go through in order to make them and the difficulties players face to make them work is a bit jarring to me, even though a lot of it can be accomplished by having a mod-friendly support system. When I turn on Twitch and check out the most popular GTA Online stream, I notice that they’re constantly heavily moddified server for roleplay. Viewers and players enjoy them and why shouldn’t we support their servers with a good set of tools for modding? Rockstar allows mods (Take-Two but not as much) but it’s not the same as real support. I’d like to see a shift in their stance in regards to mods before the next GTA launch.

Let me become a corrupt police

Tim Clark, Brand Director:First, let me follow Mollie’s suggestion for a playable female. I’ve already amused my coworkers in Slack by my love for Ozark (despite its absurdity) and it’s overflowing with archetypes that I could play off. Darlene Snell, the drug addict from the Hillbilly Queenpin Ruth her sly criminal expert and Wendy Byrde the soccer mom that became the world’s most televisually terrifying monster. This is just one show for the Rockstar’s cultural magpies to rob from. If we do get another trio of characters from the game and it’s a shame to see them all being dudes.

As a side note, I believe an excellent twist is that someone in the story is a police officer. The cop is obviously extremely corrupt–stealing drugs, conducting extra-judicial murders, and all the while being an unprofessional piece trash. The fiction is also stuffed with juicy references that range from The Shield to Line of Duty dependent on the side of the water you’re on. The location isn’t a problem for me as, since there’s no outstanding option, I’m hoping they pick several cities, similar to San Andreas. I suspect they’ll choose Trump heartland to create ripe comedy material. The biggest risk, apart from the series’ writing supervisor Dan Houser leaving, is likely to be the fact that the world will be probably beyond satire by 2022.

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