The System Shock Remake Has a Publisher and it’s Coming Next Year

system shock remake

The System Shock remake now has a publisher and it will release in 2022.

The original plan was to release in 2021 however this new and shiny version of the iconic science-fiction survival horror is in development for quite some time. The announcement was made in 2015, however, two years later, the developers Night dive Studios announced they were returning to the formula. The studio believed they had strayed in the direction of Systems hock’s fundamentals and re-started development to provide an authentic refresh.

system shock release

Seven years later, Nightdive have announced they’ve acquired an editor, Prime Matter, and that they’ll release their 2022 remake. Prime Matter is a part of Koch Media and are also managing this Switch Version of Kingdom Come: Deliverance and have published Kings Bounty II, Encased and many more.

There is a chance it’s possible that System Shock will be delayed yet again however having an agent and, most likely having a publishing contract could reduce the likelihood of this occurring. Night Dive has also released some brand new images showing the terrifying enemies Shodan as well as the rogue AI you see yourself fighting, will unleash upon you.

We’ve nostalgic memories of playing the initial System Shock and even though it’s showing signs of old age We loved playing the upgraded version. Sure, Systemshock’s survival horror aspect is an important element of its appeal, however, it wouldn’t be the identical without Shodan the Rogue AI. The way she mocks you while you try to defy her schemes is worth the cost of admission alone.

The the Nightdive’s System Shock news and some latest screenshots via the System Shock Kickstarter page. If everything goes according to plan, the game will launch on PC and consoles in the coming year.


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