Star wars board games

Star wars board games

Jedi! Blasters Troubled family lines! Star Wars offers it all. Star Wars has three film trilogies, several acclaimed video games, and a vast body of lore that covers galactic history down to the last detail. It’s no surprise that there are several Star Wars board games designed to bring the space saga to life at your table. We have compiled the best of the best from many of these games.

You’ll find many tabletop games here, just like in the Star Wars universe. You can become a strategic mastermind by being given the galactic Empire’s reins to expand across the galaxy. You can command rebel soldiers and other troops in tactical gunfights against dark forces. You might have more palpable delusions than others and prefer to explore the criminal underbelly lurking on the fringes.

You’ll find something for everyone, whether you’re a Star Wars fan who knows your Wookiees from your Wampas or a casual Star Wars fan whose curiosity about the galaxy far away was piqued through the misadventures of baby Yoda, The Mandalorian.


Make sure Lando finished those repairs to your hyperdrive, hold on to something, and get ready to make the jump to lightspeed because…


Star wars board games


Star Wars: Legion may be the right choice if Star Wars is what immediately brings to mind the battlefields at Hoth or the guerrilla attacks through Endor’s forest moon. Two players can command soldiers in a miniatures game that evokes the series’ grand infantry warfare. They will battle for dominance on the battlefield with their squads.

Strategic army-building and novel unit mechanics add a variety that distinguishes this wargame from other tabletop offerings. Still, Legion can capture the chaos and rush of warfare that has earned it a reputation for being one of the best Star Wars miniatures games around. Customize your army with a slew of upgrade cards, adding powerful buffs and abilities to your troops that are capable of turning the tide of battle if used with sufficient tactical nuance. All your favorite units make an appearance; even the starter box comes complete with lines of stormtroopers and rebel soldiers led by the familiar faces of Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker.

There’s plenty of expansions available to kit your armies out with more colorful Star Wars characters – from imperial royal guards to Wookiee warriors – and you can always opt for Clone Wars-era sets if the prequel trilogy is more your thing. The Star Wars: Legion miniatures are a fine collection of sculpts, and, being unpainted, you can dress up your army as you please. If you feel Darth Vader would look better wearing a glittering purple cloak – go for it.



The Star Wars franchise has been known for its intense space combat, from the massive Star Destroyer that roared overhead during the opening of A New Hope to the rebel attack on the second Death Star. Star Wars: X-Wing brings tactical, fast-paced dogfighting right to the tabletop. Players are pitted against one another to destroy their opponents’ starships.

X-Wing may not be a big game, but it is frenetic. Most games allow players to control only three or four ships. They rely on their skill and calculated maneuvering to take out their enemies and avoid deadly asteroid fields. You can equip your starfighters by choosing from various upgrade cards and pilots to suit your playstyle better and bring more firepower to the area.

A nice shake-up involves players taking turns simultaneously. Players decide the movement and combat of each vessel in secret before they reveal their decisions and resolve their effects. One crucial oversight could make the difference between dominating the dogfight and drifting in space alone.

Each ship comes with its attributes and can be painted, making it easy for players to compare their abilities to their enemies’ strengths. Players can add boats to their arsenal from the sequel and prequel trilogies if you are a smuggler. X-Wing is a master at creating frenzied space dogfights. It’s worth investing in the starter set.



Star Wars: Rebellion is the ultimate Star Wars board game. Rebellion is a great strategy game that recreates Galactic Civil War from the original trilogy. Players take on the Empire and Rebel Alliance roles as they compete for control over the galaxy.

To incite resistance and destabilize imperial terror, the rebel forces must engage in insurgency covertly. They also need to unite planets to bring peace to the galaxy. The Empire uses its vastly superior military force to thwart rebellious agitators – from the simple Stormtrooper up to the all-powerful Death Star – while the Rebels are infiltrated. The race to destroy the rebel base is on as time ticks down.

Rebellion, like the movies, is played asymmetrically. The Rebel Alliance seeks to destroy the Empire from within and not face them directly. Starship combat and military strategy are part of the game, but it’s also important to look at the larger picture to determine how your opponent can be forced to expose their weaknesses. Rebellion, guided by simple mechanics and divided into many but not overly protracted phases, is a great choice for anyone looking for a strong thematic strategy leviathan for their tabletop musings.



Star Wars: Armada, a lumbering, slow-burning brother to X-wing, is a game that involves fast-firing, fierce dogfights. This naval-warfare-in-space miniatures game dispenses with small-scale, tactical fights in favor of epic, strategic fleet warfare. In massive battles that will determine the fate of the galaxy, command a few of the most powerful Star Wars dreadnoughts.

Star destroyers and rebel corvettes will be navigating you across the battlefield to get the best shot. TIE fighter squadrons and x-wings will also be circling the field in crucial bombing runs. Strategic positioning is more important than zig-zagging around the map in an endless chase. Instead, you will be luring your opponent to your primary line.

Upgrade cards can be used to enhance your fleet’s stats or provide powerful abilities. You might also want to tailor your force to your preferred playstyle. There are still expansion packs available, so you can add customizability and have the chance to field more beautiful spaceships.

Although Armada is slower than X-wing, a single battle will likely have less action than Xwing. However, it accurately recreates the scale of space warfare with its laser fire. This board game is a great addition to any Star Wars collection.



Star Wars doesn’t just involve epic pitched battles and galactic-scale conflicts. Beyond the political machinations and mysticism of Star Wars, swashbuckling adventures are featuring plucky idealists fighting for the cause. Star Wars: Imperial Assault may be the right choice for you if you enjoy the adventures of Han or Leia as they blast through corridors filled with stormtroopers.

One group of players will assume a covert rebel ops team that attempts to infiltrate Imperial strongholds and accomplish a series of objectives. One player will manage the nearly limitless Imperial forces needed to defeat the rebels and prevent their escape.

Imperial Assault excels because of its party-adventure setting. It’s more like a dungeon crawler than a miniatures game. Players navigate a combat grid to shoot down their enemies and get closer to their goals. They cleverly use their character abilities to gain a crucial advantage.

The best part about Imperial Assault? It can be played in a persistent campaign, where characters gain new skills and buffs while moving through a storyline. This adds an extra dimension to your game. However, if you don’t have the time or desire to play the full adventure mode, you can still play the skirmish mode. In this mode, you and your opponent will gather your forces and fight in a single battle. Imperial Assault, in any case, is a great recreation of dungeon crawling in the Star Wars universe.


Timeline: Star Wars

Timeline: Star Wars is on the top of the list for the best Star Wars board game because it’s a light party game that satisfyingly uses Star Wars themes. The game is driven by trivia, but it’s more than a trivia game. This list is more strategic than you’d expect. It’s a refreshing breath of air for anyone looking for something new.

Each card in a game with 110 cards depicts a Star Wars Universe Event on either side. A number refers to the time that this event occurred only on one side. Each player takes turns placing a card in a row on their table. The player then reveals the time information of the card after placing it. If the card was correctly identified with the number in chronological order relative to the other cards on the table, it stays in place. Otherwise, the card is removed, and the player gets another card. Games last 15 minutes for 2-8 players.


Star Wars: Star Warriors

Star Wars: Star Warriors is one of the top Star Wars board games. It’s a fantastic science fiction Star Wars starfighter combat game. You can fight against Interceptors and Tie Fighters A-, B, X, and Y-Wings. There are even rules to fight against a Star Destroyer.

The difficulty value is determined by the difficulty of your maneuvers and how many you perform. To complete all tricks, your pilot must roll in accordance with that difficulty value. You will fail the most difficult maneuver if you don’t move. Games for 2-6 players will last approximately 2 hours.


Assault on Hoth – The Empire Strikes Back

Because you can play the historical battle of Hoth in Assault on Hoth, The Empire Strikes Back is one of the top Star Wars board games. The Imperial player’s goal is to destroy Shield Generator on the opposite side of the map. The rebels aim to prevent Imperial victory until the “Transports”, are gone. This is a great dice rolling game that makes no apologies.

The map is restricted to a specific area, so the setup is very precise. This scene can be used as a reference in the movie “The Empire Strikes Back.” Troops, vehicle strength, and damage can all be tracked using different counters. Luke can even be used on the battlefield, as well as his Force ability. Dice determine combat attack and defense. The map is hex-based, and all counters have standings. Games last approximately 90 minutes for two players.


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