Sony Pictures CEO Calls Uncharted a ‘New Hit Movie Franchise for the Company’

Sony Pictures CEO Calls Uncharted a 'New Hit Movie Franchise for the Company'

After Uncharted’s Uncharted film’s successful debut weekend Sony Pictures Motion Picture Group Chairman and CEO Tom Rothman has said Uncharted is “a new movie brand that the firm is developing.”

According to the Deadline newspaper, Rothman wrote these words in an e-mail to the entire company after the film’s $139 million opening weekend box office success. This was more than enough to pay for the production costs of the film and clearly shows Sony considering a sequel, but there is no confirmation yet.

“With more than $100 million in the box office revenue worldwide in one weekend and a 95 percent rating from the audience at Rotten Tomatoes, Uncharted is an exciting new brand for our company.” Rothman wrote. “This is an incredible achievement for all the divisions of the business, since this was our first major production that was completely stopped by the onset of Covid but we were able to make a movie that our is loved by the public and then promoted and distributed with a strategic zeal across the globe despite the scourge of Covid.”

This is certainly a positive result for the Uncharted film, that itself endured some development hell in its journey to the end. Domestically, it was predicted to bring in approximately $30 million, but it actually earned $51 million.

We won’t reveal any specifics here, Uncharted’s ending and post-credits scene tease the next stories that Tom Holland’s Nathan Drake and Mark Wahlberg’s Sully might be.

We wrote in the Uncharted Review, we said that it’s “a secure, yet useful, sampling of a brand new adventure that spans the globe. As an early Nathan Drake, Tom Holland is entertaining to watch and has great relationship alongside Mark Wahlberg’s Victor Sullivan, even if the antagonists are a bit boring and the plot never thinks beyond the treasure chest.”

To learn more, look up which fight sequences in this film are “stolen straight from game” and what unintentional sport Tom Holland used to unwind on the set.

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