Seattle News Station Plays The Halo Theme To Kick Off The New Year

Seattle News Station Plays The Halo Theme To Kick Off The New Year

Halo has managed to live for more than two decades as a franchise. Halo is viewed by many in the gaming community as one of the most influential and popular series to ever exist, with numerous mainline installments and spin-off games under its belt. To the point where the main theme of Halo was recently employed in a New Year’s Eve event.

The music is one of the most memorable aspects of Halo that crosses across each entry in the series. Composers like Marty O’Donnell have composed a variety of music tracks for the Halo franchise, and a great number of them have been deeply synonomous with the entire series. Although many Halo fans were likely predicting the primary theme to be played during a New Year’s Eve countdown event, it was probably a surprise.

The main Halo theme played during the final minute of 2021, according to a Reddit user named aura_dl0923, during King 5 News’ coverage of the New Year’s event in Seattle, Washington. Some fans may find it odd that a local news station would decide to perform the Halo theme during such a significant occasion, but there’s actually a good reason for it.

Not only are both Xbox and343 Industries headquartered out of Washington state, but Bungie, the original development studio of Halo, is also headquartered in Washington. As a result, the Halo series is strong ties to the United States of America. Given the new release of Halo Infinite and given how orchestral and triumphant the Halo theme remains, the news station likely figured it would pass for a good background track to round out the end of 2021.

In any case, it’s fascinating to show how much of a global impact Halo has become. Many fans would not have expected to hear Halo: Combat Evolved circulated outside of the gaming community when it was first released. Today, it’s almost common to find video games being employed in a variety of else situations.

It will be fascinating to watch what the future is for Halo in the future. The classic Halo game servers on the Xbox 360 will soon be closing down, according to recently advertised. While this truly signifies the end of an era, it does make sense for the servers to close down provided how accessible all of the classic Halo games are now via the Master Chief Collection.

Do you wish to see even Halo 8 be produced? If so, comment down below with your thoughts on it.

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