Robert Pattinson Got in Trouble for Stealing Socks from The Batman Set

The Batman star Robert Pattinson has admitted that the actor was slapped for taking socks off during filming.

In an interview with BBC Radio 1 the host was asked whether he would manages to find any bat-related equipment The response was a surprise:

“It’s impossible to bring everything home from [set]. I’m pretty sure the only thing I actually obtained wasn’t anything but… I did receive a lot of socks [laughs. My socks are made by Batman.”

“I was constantly being scolded from Warner Bros.,” he said. “They’re like”You know, you can have a couple but you have to wear daily [laughs. What number of socks do you require since there’s been going on for the last year?”

It’s not clear if the bat-socks are equipped with bat-gadgets. A utility garter belt, perhaps? However, one thing is certain: if you receive socks by Robert Pattinson for Christmas this year, you’ll know precisely where he bought the socks.

The theft of socks isn’t the only thing that Pattinson did during filming of the film Batman following the time he confessed that he was spending a lot of time in the bat-tent creating the ambient music. “I’d spend a lot of time in that tent creating ambient electronic music while wearing the suit, watching over my costume,” he said.

In addition to singing and stealing socks Pattinson has also been practicing his Bat voice that he admitted was not very great initially.

“Everyone does this loud, gravelly gesture,” he explained. “And I’m thinking”I’m gonna take the opposite approach — I’m going to be very quiet. I even tried for the first couple of weeks, but it seemed so awful and I was told to stop.”

The Batman is a film that stars Robert Pattinson in the title role, however it’s more than an villain’s story instead of an actual Batman origin story, creating for the Riddler as an aspiring vigilante who draws inspiration from Batman’s own crime fighting actions.

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