Real Cricket, Sachin Saga Creator Acquires Esports Company to Make Its Games Better

Real Cricket, Sachin Saga Creator Acquires Esports Company to Make Its Games Better

JetSynthesys, based in Pune, has announced the acquisition of Skyesports Chennai in an effort to promote competitive gaming at grassroots levels in India. According to the company, Jet Skyesports is now a new entity. In a recent interview, Rajan Navani, JetSynthesys boss, said that while esports is a medal event at the Asian Games next year, another goal is to boost its titles like Sachin Saga and Real Cricket.

Navani informs us that JetSynthesys still holds a minority stake at Krafton-funded Nodwin esports company. Jet Skyesports will focus on broadening and democratizing competitive play in the country.

Navani made a prepared statement about the acquisition. He said, “We are pleased to have Shiva [Skyesports founder] and his family as part of JetSynthesys.” The Asian Games will be the first ever such prestigious tournament to host a medal event. This year is going to be a landmark year for esports worldwide. Indian gaming is a huge potential market, and the talent that lies in the non-metros often go unnoticed.

We have therefore set out to create esports at grassroot level, and help gamers who are passionate about gaming make it a career. Jet Skyesports will help to expand the esports community to the deepest regions of India. We also plan to make it more mainstream and mold international-level talent to represent India at global events.

“This partnership is well-timed and we are happy that JetSynthesys’ vision and Skyesports are on the same path. In the same prepared statement, Shiva Nandy (CEO and founder of Skyesports), stated that the country’s esports and gaming markets are growing rapidly. The investment is a strategic move.

Skyesports was under fire earlier this week after the announcement that its talent arm managed Valorant’s esports team Velocity Gaming. It could lead to a conflict of interests scenario, as Velocity is a participant in Sky events. For its part, Skyesports appears to have responded in a tone-deaf manner to such concerns.

However, Navani acknowledged that this could cause friction during an interview. He also stated strongly that JetSynthesys would stop it from happening.

He says, “It is certain that there will be people who cheat and attempt to win.” I’m certain there will be companies that do this, and make it worse. This is not for us…I agree that these are important issues that we should be aware of. It is something we should not ignore.

Stay tuned for the full interview with Rajan Navani, which discusses esports and the state of Indian gaming. It also discusses how the competitive gaming scene can make the game better.

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