Rainbow six new season release date.

Rainbow six siege new season release date
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Ubisoft revealed the second season of year 6 of Rainbow Six Siege called North Star. In this blog we will talk about Rainbow six siege new season release date.

In this season we will get a new operator called Thunderbird who is dealing up some healing for defenders and also for attackers. North Star is also coming with big game improvement.

Thunderbird have a gadget called Kona Station. When Thunderbird deploy the Kona Station, It shoot a health nugget to the first operator to enter in the radios. But any health above max HP will appear as blue. And slowly disappear over time. After dispencing single dose the station goes on cool down until the next the next one is ready. Defenders can see the cooldown timer. While attackers can wait to see a cone blue light that indicate a charge is ready. Because the charge of Kona station will heal anyone who enter in the radios, not only defenders. You can temporarily disable Kona station with thatcher’s EMP

In primary weapon she has Spear.308, Spas-15, Bearing 9, Q-929, Impact grenade, Nitro Cell

From barrel attachment updates here will change some gun perform to oparator gadget tweaks for Smoke, Mira, Maestro, and Melusi. There is a lot coming To Rainbow Six Siege this season.

We will also get a new map called FAVELA. In this map developer tried to include lot of destruction.

Rainbow six siege new season release date

The test server will be going live on Tuesday, May 25th. A realistic Hibana Figurine inspired by the game. This highly detailed Figurine comes with a unique code to unlock an exclusive weapon skin and is now available for pre-order.

All information by ubisoft.com

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