PUBG Creator Brendan ‘PlayerUnknown’ Greene Deletes All Tweets, Fuels Speculation

PUBG Creator Brendan 'PlayerUnknown' Greene Deletes All Tweets, Fuels Speculation

Brendan Greene, the creator of the battle royale genre of games and the hit PUBG franchise, recently deleted almost every tweet from his Twitter account. Playing, a PUBG data miner, noticed the empty Twitter account of the developer and noted that it had “deleted any possible mentions of PUBG or PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS.”

PUBG Creator Brendan ‘PlayerUnknown’ Greene Deletes All Tweets, Fuels Speculation

It was also noted that Greene had also deleted all references to ‘Prologue,’ the game he worked on since leaving Krafton in 2019.

Greene is well-known in the industry for his creation and popularity of the battle royale game genre with his mods for DayZ, Arma 2, and other mods. He then created PlayerUnknown’s Battle Grounds. It was named after the online player “PlayerUnknown.” Greene has been hard at work on “Prologue” since then. Very few details have been made public.

Playing noted that Greene had previously deleted his profile picture from Twitter. It’s worth noting that PUBG has grown to become a renowned franchise, with multiple spinoffs in the works. Krafton’s “The Way to Meet the World,” a recent video presentation, went in-depth about the game’s history and legacy. However, no mention was made of its creator.

Strangely, all his tweets were removed from his account, given the fact that his other social media accounts remain active. The developer also updated his Twitter banner, but with Prologue’s website still only redirecting to its year-old teaser, it may be that Greene is finally gearing up to reveal the game at long last.

Playing also noted in a separate thread that Krafton had been shifting away from PUBG’s PC version and instead focusing more on its mobile counterparts. He speculates that this is causing fans to abandon the core game and the creator removing all references to the game only serves to divide the player base further.

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