PS5 India Restock Time Is 12pm on August 26, Digital Edition Availability Limited

PS5 India Restock Time Is 12pm on August 26, Digital Edition Availability Limited
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Vijay Sales, a retail chain, has confirmed that the PS5 will be available for purchase starting at 12 pm on August 26, 2021. A company spokesperson sent a text confirming that you could purchase both digital and disc versions of the PS5 starting at 12pm. It is likely that other retailers will have both versions available at the same time.

PS5 India Restock Time Is 12pm on August 26, Digital Edition Availability Limited

Multiple sources confirmed with IGN India that there will be limited availability of the PS5 Digital Edition. They even claimed that it would be “rounding error” to compare the PS5 Digital Edition to the standard disc version.

The PS5 Digital Edition costs Rs. The PS5 Digital Edition is Rs. 10,000 less than the disc PS5, however, you are usually forced to pay more for digital games via the PS Store than disc copies which tend to be discounted quicker — and sometimes before launch too. It doesn’t help matters that Sony’s current DRM policies make it a ticking paperweight.

July 2021 India console sales saw Sony dominate the charts yet again with the PS5 and PS4. This was possible due to steady supply and frequent replenishments. Six restocks have been made to the PS5 since its February launch. Retail sources tell us that the PS4 is in high demand. Any store still carrying stock of the last-gen console can sell it at a price higher than the MRP, or scalping. IGN India noticed several stores based in Mumbai and Delhi doing this.

Sony has sold approximately 550,000 PS4 units in India since its launch in India in 2014. As for the PS5, IGN India is able to report after speaking to multiple distributors and retailers that PS5 India sales have passed 20,000. Multiple retailers and distributors confirmed that the country has sold more than 20,000 units.

This includes parallel imports and grey market purchases since November 2020, the worldwide launch of the console. Official sales have been ongoing since February 2, 2021 in India. It is the fastest-selling console ever made in India.

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