Pokemon Legends: Arceus – How to Beat Electrode in the Coronet Highlands

Electrode can be described as the 4th frenetic noble Pokemon which players meet during Pokemon Legends: Arceus and is an exciting and fast-paced game. Being still for longer than a few seconds during battle is likely to cause players to suffer the brunt of their injuries, which means they’ll need to be able to think and react swiftly if they’re to be successful in getting out intact.

In The Moonview Area of the Coronet Highlands, Electrode serves as the Lord of the Hollow. The guardian of the Hollow will be Melli from the Diamond Clan, who Pokemon Legends: Arceusplayers must overcome numerous times before they even consider trying to rid Electrode of its frenzy. This is challenging, to be certain, but is achievable by using the correct method.

How To Beat Electrode in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Before the fight with Lord of the Hollow Lord of the Hollow commences, Melli will warn players not to slow down, which is actually a great advice. Two of Electrode’s major attacks target players within the arena of battle while the third self-destructing style attack with a large impact on the area. However the players continue to move in a steady manner, they shouldn’t face any trouble avoiding the attacks of Electrode.

Electrode will begin the event with electrical spheres in yellow that are able to follow the players through the arena. The players shouldn’t have much difficulty overcoming these initially, however, later in the battle they’ll be replaced by blue ones, which are more powerful. Players will continue to be in a position to throw balms using the orbs that track them however the timeframe for throwing balms can be extremely narrow, particularly for the blue ones.

Electrode’s second attack will cause a mini-explosion that results in an entire group of Hisuian Voltorb to fall out of the sky. The Voltorb explodes just a few seconds after it first appears and players need to ensure that they’re outside of these yellow-colored circles surrounding the Pokemon prior to when they explode. Therefore, jumping using the Y button is extremely beneficial here.

Each time, Electrode will leap into the sky, and begin with a massive self-destruct-style assault when it is landed. Similar to the numerous explosions of Voltorb prior to the event, players will be in a position to determine the blast radius because of the expanding circle on ground and should take every precaution to keep out of the circle at the time that Electrode is finally able to explode.

The huge explosion could cause Electrode to temporarily lose its vigor and at this point, players are able to either take the chance to get some Mountain Balm shots or choose to go to fight. Because it is Electrode is an Electric or Grass-type Pokemon, Electrode is weak to Poison, Bug, Fire and Ice-type attacks therefore those who did not choose Cyndaquil for their first Pokemon might want to consider taking on and evolving a Growlithe from Hisuian within the Cobalt Coastlands prior to the battle.

Although it may be a bit difficult towards the close due to electric blue orbs but it’s an incredibly easy battle overall. Similar to similar Noble Pokemon before it, Electrode will return to normal after its Frenzy meter turns yellow and has been diminished and will also give away the elemental plates. After that, players must go back the Jubilife Village, after which they’ll be able journey back to where the new Noble Pokemon in need, the Alabaster Icelands.

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