PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS Will Be Free-To-Play This Year – What Does That Mean?

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) will be free to play from January 2022. At this point, the game’s players have yet to receive any compensation for their early access, which is surprising given that PUBG has been a critical and commercial success since its 2016 release.


PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS is a battle royale game which is paid. But this game will be free to play from January 2022. To know more about this news read our full blog.

Battlegrounds is the battle royale genre’s other popular title that started with fortnite battle royale. It has already become a hit and fans are excited for its release in free-to-play mode. The most important aspect of this game, however, is how it can affect multiplayer games such as pubg battle royale genre etc., which have been considered to be bland so far and could introduce new ideas. For the players, this is a great step forward in creating their ultimate dream: being able to play any type of game they want and be rewarded with extra special perks. Onwin Kooy played this battle royale when it was available as free-to-play on Steam back in 2016 so he could know PUBG games system suitably beforehand. And on our first impressions article where we discussed PUBG’s launch date that id Software’s John Smith gave, on the same day he further shared his thoughts saying PUBG is an intense battle royale game with a loot system and map editing.

The BATTLEGROUNDS Plus Account Unlocks XP Boosts, Ranked Mode, and More

In-game features that look good on paper may not actually be useful in practice. This is why BATTLEGROUNDS Plus has been created. This premium package gives you everything from XP boosters and a new helmet to dedicated training maps and the ability to play ranked mode with voice chat. The benefits of BATTLEGROUNDS Plus are immediately noticeable once February rolls around, so it’s definitely worth socking away some cash if you want to get better when the game comes out of Early Access (which was March 5, 2018). BATTLEGROUNDS is fun and accessible without being a shallow experience, which makes it popular despite the undoubted issues that have accumulated over an entire decade of development. It’s worth pointing out just how many years BATTLEGROUNDS has been in early access – since March 2016, if you were to count every patch (changes made after release) then there would be 538 patches so far. Not even Fortnite boasts this many updates.

Krafton upgrade plan is increasing the player base of PUBG as it will give them more options to play with better features like ranked and custom match. PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds (PUBG) has already been downloaded by 150 million people who want to enjoy a monthly battle royale game against AI in team deathmatch mode or an one-versus-one battles. This free upgrade can provide the players even more fun and excitement, making their gaming experience smarter than before .

The other benefit of this BATTLEGROUNDS Plus includes the XP Boost and a new hat. The XP Booster gives players an upgrade to their experience level, while the blue helmet will allow Pauline (a character from PUBG) on your back again! Besides that, you can also play ranked matches in custom game mode using voice chat for much more fun with friends or random gamers around the world. There is no date yet for this free upgrade by PUBG.

Existing PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS Player Will Be Rewarded With a BATTLEGROUNDS Plus Account and Other Gifts

If you currently have a Basic PUBG account, and logged in on January 5, this will be your free rewards. However, if you haven’t yet signed up for PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS Free-to-Play come January 12 (assuming it all goes according to plan), then here are the other gifts you can look forward to: 1) Survival Mastery XP +100% Boost 2) Career – Medal Tab 3) Ranked Mode 4) Custom Match 5) Unlockable Weapons and Items If you’re an existing player and wish to gift these items to someone else, you can purchase the package directly on Steam: PUBG BATTLEGROUNDS Premium Pass. You get 100% Gold dropped from matches and access to new custom maps in addition to other rewards listed here. All items are granted immediately – this means that any features or modes not yet unlocked will automatically unlock for anyone who purchases a free-to-play account during Early Access as you’ll still be able log into your existing account and play. The only difference is that the rewards won’t be active before January 12 – everything else, including Survival Mastery XP and Career Medals will carry over (that includes things like your name if you played PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS on another account in 2017).

‘PUBG Inc.,” through which publisher Bluehole earns revenue from a match fee as well as paid cosmetic items, said it would take half of its revenue from global players during Early Access as development continues. PUBG Corp.’s very popular PC game “Player Unknown’s Battleground” (PUBG) is launching a new service to sell cosmetic items and map modifications in an effort to boost player engagement the company said Thursday night but this would increase costs substantially, one analyst said Friday.

You’ll be able to purchase pre-made sets on Steam using ‘B battlegrounds Credits.’ Those items are exclusive to Steam but can be played on any platform through the applicable platform’s login system. The newly announced custom maps and weapon crates feature cosmetic customization options in addition, of course, to gameplay content unlocks for players that choose Premium Pass membership — at no extra cost: Custom map and sticker sets will allow you personalize your games with a range of different weapons which also provides access to other clothing as well.

Of course, we’ll be closely observing how these changes affect the game for feedback and suggestions on making a better service that meets our community’s expectations in 2018: The long-awaited PUBG Out Team skins will become available to the world this winter in an exclusive cosmetic package from Xbox Store only, with other premium items following later; Ak47s can now be modded by combining many replacement parts into one “mod pack” in order to create different guns.

UPDATES TO PUBG’S GAMEPLAY AND LOADING: A new function has been added to make it easier for players and spectators over the course of our development, as well as disabling custom game settings from exceeding 100% CPU utilization when a rare event occurs For optimization reasons (and improved stability) we have also disabled anti-cheat components during loading times again; We have also fixed bugs and improved reliability of loading large custom maps into the game in order to reduce load times. We have now disabled anti-cheat components during map rendering, so all you zergs will start standing on each other’s heads again for a bit.

Game awards is an annual game industry awards show that takes place in the United States, produced by Game Spot. The 2018 game awards was held on December 6th and featured games such as Fortnite Battle Royale, Player unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), God of War and Super Smash.

BIG GAMEPLAY-STYLE DIFFERENCES. PUBG includes gameplay-changing changes to the way it presents itself, and touches on new systems that blend the old with the new. There’s a constant focus on improving performance through graphical advancements like higher resolution textures and shadows, more realistic lighting effects as well as real-time dynamic weather which affects your visibility in battle.


Recently, PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS has been developed into a global hit. It was first released with PC version in March 2017 and later to Xbox One gaming console too. Now it is reaching $100 million revenue after its third month of sale on the popular mobile devices such as iOS or Android based phones and tablets. Although the game costs less than $9 for each account upgrade but creators can earn close to around half billion from this single product alone!

In addition, it’s far more addictive and challenging than any other FPS video game out there. The players develop teamwork skills as they work together to vanquish the enemies in a waterlogged tropical island with various features like sniper rifles, shotguns and automatic weapons.

Teamwork seems natural since everyone is trying to stay alive for one last chance of victory! In PUBG you can play solo mode or in squads consisting maximum 4 people who can gain experience and use it to unlock new weapons, vehicles of camouflage clothes. The measures have been taken in order to make the game less frenetic than other online shooters with realistic gun handling (realistic?), resulting in comparatively slower pace on which may greatly improve your chances of survival against opposing players who are trying their best not only defend you but also kill every last one among them!

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds free-to-play game items are expected in January 2022. The game items and advantages will be available for players who bought the game before 2017 December 31, 2023 as well as those who buy ‘battlegrounds plus’ upgrade after that day. Players can get a ‘career medal tab’, which allows them to track their gamer achievements like medals they gain while playing or an improved ranking system than before when this item is obtained from November 25th , 2017 until December 31st, 2018. Additionally, ‘battlegrounds is’ and ‘anniversary package’ can be redeemed by players in October 22nd to November 25th of each year where they will get items like t-shirt designed as the map layout of PUBG island (Namib Desert), game bag with glasses case and umbrella as well available for different occasions including birthday/Christmas day.

With the basic account, players will have access to most of the game’s features. There aren’t any limitations regarding ranked play or custom matches. The account also unlocks xp boosts and medal tab in career mode; watch on you tube bonus 1,300 g-coin and survival master XP + 100 percent boost that can be used to unlock various items including camo set (hat, mask & gloves) by watching one video: recap of battlegrounds free trial before unlocking premium , medal tab (career mode icon), xp/rank boosts, campaign coins spent on boosters, 1 skin pack and 5 extra slots to be used in the custom match system.

The skins include: Blue Scout / Green Soldier; Chicken feathers white scout / pink soldier; 6 sets of camouflage colors for your favorite weapons including: green desert warfare set – pistol & rifle variants, black camo jungle set – all firearms with the only exceptions being SMG and shotgun, green snow set – sub machine gun variant as well as the grenade launcher; pink water set (winter camo) – pistol & rifle variants along with another 4 camouflages including: green rocky desert camouflage of Snowy Tundra (summer map), Black Pink Tempest / P2P Violet Calamity , Blue Desert Storm vs. Blue Khaos Marong (pink/purple).


1. g-coin is a new currency available on battlegrounds that you can use to buy re-supply crates and earn bonus rewards.

2. g-coin gives players more control over how they spend their in-game earnings, whether it’s buying supplies or cosmetic items like character skins & outfits which will be the first purchase with g-coin (and the only way to get these things free of charge).

3. The first thing we wanted to do was reward the incredibly dedicated players who are already battling in all the battlegrounds, and help them handle the pressure of running large groups on common occasions.

4. The time between matches is getting shorter as we switch to a new round-based matchmaking system which will create more balanced teams throughout every game type with better player chemistry (you’ll see how different these rounds feel from now on)! PUBG also has three seasons per year: Spring, Summer and Winter. The time between seasons will range from 3-6 months respectively (for season 1).

5. These rewards are available during the entire game duration which includes both regular matchmaking as well as events that we might host in the future including tournaments, leagues etc..

6. We’re trying to make sure everything is working correctly at launch but if you run into any issues please send us a ticket on Steam or Discord and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

For your early Halloween success, the amount of spooky skins in PUBG rose from 17 to 60!

PUBG ranks up 36% on Steam since launch !

Prepare for PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS Free-to-Play with the Pre-Registration Event

The free-to-play transition period will start on January 10, 2022, at 10am PT/1pm ET/6pm GMT.  To become eligible for the PUBG – SPECIAL COMMEMORATIVE PACK, players will need to have purchased the game before the free-to-play transition period ends. This is as follows:

● Steam: Players who purchased or acquired the game through a redeem code before January 10, 2022 (10am PT/1pm IPT/6pm GMT), at least one map season pass , and at least 50 rounds of online time before the free-to-play transition period has ended, will be eligible for one guaranteed physical copy of PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS on the current console platform.  The rarity tier and edition of that key can only be obtained once per player account during each PC login attempt (if it happens to expire).

● Account sharing is not supported; Player accounts are limited under this offer to a single purchase through Steam or an approved PSN/X1 login attempt.

● This is a one-time offer that only applies to a single key redemption and it cannot be purchased separately after January 10, 2022 (10am PT/1pm IPT). Furthermore:

● Players who purchased or acquired the game through a redeem code before January 10, 2022 (10am PT/1pm IPT), at least one map season pass , and at least 100 rounds of online time before the free-to-play transition period has ended will be eligible for two guaranteed physical copies.

● Account sharing is not supported; Player accounts are limited under this offer to a single purchase through Steam or an approved PSN/ X1 login attempt.

● Your 1st and 2nd physical copy key bind ratio will remain the same throughout the free-to-play transition period; you can also redeem an additional five PUBG – SPECIAL COMMEMORATIVE PACK keys during this time as long as you meet all other requirements, but your max number of guaranteed games (including Free Keys) rebinds after January 8, 2022 is still capped at 10 . If we have to prevent account sharing because players are inclined to repeatedly purchase the game for cash, this offer is intentionally capped at 10 copies and a single physical key over time. However we will not enforce those limits on per-player accounts; you can switch between multiple PCs , each with their own bots from that point forward if you wish.

Also please note that:

● This offer is not retroactive to purchases made before January 10, 2022

We’re very excited about all the positive feedback from our Beta participants and we’re looking forward to getting PUBG onto new platforms. We’ve got a lot of things planned for the future that I want you guys (and us) to know ahead of time on social media so please stay tuned! Stay thirsty, my friends 🖊 Official Announcement Trailer 6/19/2018 – PUBG for Xbox Live and Playlunch is now available 10/31/2018 – New details from the rest of today’s hands-on event:

Click here to discuss this update on our forums. ______________________

Dear players! We’re rapidly approaching 20 million registered users for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and we could think of nothing better than to reward our loyal community with a special Anniversary event. In the last few days, the playtesting team has been analyzing all feedback from your positive reaction to Operation Reveal and working on new content plans for both Xbox One X and [Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4] .  Players who participated in the Open Beta are eligible to receive a variety of items from a special unlockable crate. Please check out the official website for more details and tomorrow’s blog post , the Anniversary page on  or your game settings for instructions . We’re extremely thankful to all our players who encouraged their friends and neighbors with some generous share links, helped curate content , setup screensharing events or showed love while waiting in lobbies that took too long. We’re especially grateful to @clubplayer who was the first player to contact us, organized a worldwide PUBG party on his living room TV and quickly gathered 10 people together!

The Anniversary event is just one of many efforts we have planned for 2018 & 2019 release windows – stay tuned to our Twitter, Facebook  and Instagram account Over here at Bluehole we’ve been absolutely overwhelmed by all your support this past year; it’s been crazy busy. We’re looking forward to 2019 and the challenging challenges that lie ahead – keeping improving our game as over 1,000 hours of testing revealed several areas for improvement including: Performance improvements , optimization and stability issues .

New feature additions

Increased focus on backend tech development ( esports tools ) in order to become a full service provider of services across multiple platforms ( PC / console ). Long-term plan is to help organizations develop more organized , better organized and more dedicated player communities – so that’s where the Christmas Road map is heading.

Navigation to all of these branches can be found by clicking here . We’ll have much bigger announcements in January which will also feature a deeper look into our plans for years 2019 & 2020! Please stay tuned and thank you for making this such an amazing year with us!! December 27, 2018 update:

The 3 things we’ve been most proud of over the past year is our improved performance across devices & platforms – both on average and in key metrics like frame rate. We’re very happy with what’s been achieved this past month , especially as it came during a holiday season when availability was somewhat cramped by people wanting to play PUBG! Below are some stats from December 2017 vs. 2018 Total hours played : The total number of hours spent playing PUBG over the last 12 months. The second half was more fruitful for some reason; perhaps because we added content? 😉

Total players :  As you can see, December’s numbers are much larger than September and October – thanks to our holiday bump! Biggest moments: 16/12 – Christmas 098 . 362 Hours played , 7 Days of play-time ! Also biggest moment of 2017 was right there with it as well – Arras-Stalingrad ( S1E2 ) came in at 2nd biggest moment !

February: Groundhog’s day, LOL is dead and other nothings over the holidays. But that doesn’t mean we’re taking a break! PUBG Corp . Remains deeply committed to providing this game for players across the globe – including making sure we have enough engineers during times of limited development resources. It’s thanks to your outpour of support that we have the ability and strength to continue improving the quality of this game at it grows over time in both PUBG mobile and PC releases – which is why if you saw our interview with @ steam_tracker , or read Fabian Siegel’s latest developer diary then you should be even more encouraged about what lies ahead!

Why Have a Chicken Dinner By Yourself When You Can Invite a Friend and Win Prizes While Doing So?

The in-game Chicken Dinner will be going free for all players. The “Chicken Dinner” is the name given by PUBG Corp to an offer of two chicken dinners if you’re invited a friend to play with you.

By doing so, it gives two people twice as much food in an attempt to promote team play and drop 80% off the price of 2 chicken dinners from $2 USD on your own. It’s currently available at times or days when there are less than 10 other players for one person/group of friends playing together (granted it works only in Asian regions for now, but no reason we need to stop there). The “Chicken Dinner” will likely be on daily lockout in the future.

Free Chicken dinners are offered twice per day and expire after 24 hours (there’s some time difference between different time zones) – There are more than just 2 chicken dinner locations , so you won’t get them all over the map. If you occupy a Chicken dinner location it’ll provide 8 servings of chicken, as well as some snacks to go with it. Chicken dinners are really good in PUBG mobile if you’re low on gas – so try attending a chicken dinner location (or hunting for one) when you run out of petrol or have an empty inventory!

Two ‘Chicken Greetings’ every day by the way! “Thank You” and then “Be Safe”. And yes, we will carry forward content like this beyond PC/ PS4…

Miscellaneous March 22, 2018 Patch Notes: – Added new Chicken Dinner locations to different regions worldwide. (Needs some mass testing though in the end)

– Fixed inconsistency of damage inflicted and health bars displayed on a player when damaged;

– Inappropriate firing will not be executed after reaching 21 HP left. Players who continuously attack with inappropriate aim will have their ammo depleted at a faster rate, which is intended behavior as there are situations where too much firepower can pollute Local Area Network (Lan) with excessive traffic. – Fixed the memory leak in My Squad where odd behavior may occur when opening a door using a player who leaves or gets kicked from your squad during game play; – MLODs have a cover from attack and shooting by standard LRPS. – Fixed the issue where players are unable to reveal their locations when moving position inside vehicles;

– Players now get notified about invincibility effects on vehicles upon entering them for the first time, provides better assistance in combat situations. Vehicles that can be driven with armor or SMGs invulnerable may become vulnerable after leaving but will provide more notice before becoming vulnerable again ( e.g., it takes 78 seconds for the Rhino’s driver hatch to become vulnerable again) – Additional details of the overall armor and health changes are listed below:

– Lots of vehicles now have a physical armor value (e.g., trucks). The standard light tank chassis no longer has a vehicle Armor Value like other, smaller tanks. These new entities with non-zero values can be destroyed more easily by certain bullets/explosive devices that get through previously unbreakable structures in game assets; – Overall character sheet damage calculations were revised. Damage assessment is now performed on the character model rather than buildings, leaves widespread changes to gameplay but won’t result in any FPS hit due to rendering issues (most of it only applies to PCs anyway); – The “swim speed” function previously available for all insta-respawn vehicles and UAZs after death has been removed;

– Decreased number of lights needed for “no regeneration​ time between showing up/disapp earing”;

– Tweaked the values ​​of some stationary lights.

Learn Your PUBG Play Style and Receive Special Items in Return

The places, trees and ground objects are more treacherous for the player than before. That’s why we created a new feature: “Player Unknown’s​ Battle dressup”. This function will help you discover items available in different locations of PUBG to suit your play style. All battle outfits can be purchased using Gold like all other items but they come with additional benefits on top of that – such speedier weapon switching (2X ), increased health (3X), decreased weapon sway in the car’s turret position, ability to detect stealth monsters even through walls with a high sound level and slow-motion firing. The “PlayerUnknown’s​ Battle dressup” function can be found in main menu of PUBG: Settings -> Playerunknown’​s Battlbox on PC or ea_pubg mobile app

New Mode ​ – Quick Match Solo Game: Cl imb the Leaderboard

Enter a matchmaking mode suitable for you and be among players who are just as eager to play PUBG. Join this queue before other modes become available or when waiting times exceed 30 minutes, then exit the game completely! New solo mode Quick Match will help you start winning right away, regardless of the number of opponents in your team or whether they have any points. To enter new leaderboards press on “Quick Match” mode.

​ Features in the New Patch PUBG: 0.11 Final Changelog ​ – Added new map Hotfix Gorge;

– Fixed special effects for flares, smoke grenades and molotovs in different lighting conditions;

– Increased throwing distance for melee weapons (besides rifles); – Improved reaction time for different situations such as running out of ammo, getting attacked from behind or attacking another Player with a pistol;

– Changed underground zone direction animation on Erangel and Miramar maps.

PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS’ Free-to-Play Transition Also Comes With a Increased Focus on Anti-Cheat Measures

BATTLEGROUNDS was built from the ground up with advanced anti-cheat measures that are designed to help keep its players on Land, Sea, and Air undetected. As a result of these safety measures, PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS upped its commitment to applying them even more rigorously in accordance with the game’s transitioning free-to-play status era.

Despite this commitment and focus being one reason why PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS is currently experiencing such widespread success within PC gaming, it will likely have further ramifications on how developers approach monet ization.

“Weapons Will No Longer Be Desperately Underpriced in PUBG

Following the changes to War Mode, weapons can no longer be unforgivably underpriced for your squadmates’ resources when going into battle later on. These will typically show up as a flat fee without discounts.” – “Players will see the prices of pistols and rifles change in updates down the line as different weapons are introduced. As for certain firearms like sniper rifles and shotguns, we believe players deserve choices when it comes to their builds.”

BATTLETECH Update Adds New Player Mounts & VFX Shows off a Tilt Sensitive Machine Gun (Videos)

The BATTLETECH update is out now on Steam Early Access: Step into the cockpit of a sleek new BATTLETECH-class player mount, with movement and shooting animations beautifully replicated from 35mm tabletop miniatures to full-blown in-game animations!

“Battler chance Update: Roll Out The Tilt Mech”. – “Take one part 60’s cartoon transformation sequence merged with post apocalyptic space western action heroics and you get BattleTech’s latest update.” – “Highly recommended for Battlet ech fans, mech enthusiasts and sci-fi movies aficionados.

The New Xbox Will Support 4K HDR streaming for games on Twitch

Twitch is testing a new feature in their chat that will allow viewers to watch 4K HD streams of content that can also be shared via social media like Twitter and Facebook while they run them live on the biggest video game stream website.” – “These are just tests now, but Bungie confirmed today there has

been “no change in the agreement” with Twitch.”

You Can Only Get The Best Arcades With Dedicated Arcade Machines & Consoles (Videos)

Why go to an arcade when you can play on your couch? So, which is better for you – a dedicated console or computer hooked up to one of those newer HD videos and slightly misunderstood controllers? We asked our team, who were able.

Blog Conclusion

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is free to play from January 2022. This means that the game will no longer be a paid product, and all players will have access to it for free. The game has been in early access since March 2017, and some players are still receiving compensation despite this change. If you were one of those players who purchased the game when it was still in early access, we want to know how you feel about the change. Do you think that PUBG should be compensated for its early access? Let us know in the comments below!

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