Player Finds an Inaccessible hideout in Cyberpunk 2077.

Player Finds an Inaccessible hideout in Cyberpunk 2077.

A few games will make you think about”Can you tell if this is a bug or feature? “Is this a bug or a feature?” more than Cyberpunk 2077. The ambitious RPG takes it one step higher, making you beg the question of whether you’ve discovered an undiscovered secret that was left by the developers, or the existence of some cuts of content.

It’s the same with this latest find in the Cyberpunk community. One of the players who was soaring through Night City stumbled across a bizarre set-piece that appears like an amalgamation of an underground shrine and a hideout. It’s usually not accessible in the event that you were making your way through the city on the streets, which raises questions about the point of the site was intended to serve.

The location was discovered on Reddit user KamilCesaro, the unassuming hidden location can be reached by a little few steps. There’s a door that seemslike it’s an entryway however it’s closed from access to the normal travel.

On the clip, you see a poker table set up with chips and cards. The best part is, however, the statue of a figure with four arms standing next to a bonsai plant. It’s a surprising level of detail in a standard place to be filled with NPCs. It’s possible that the statue was part an assignment in the course of development.

This could be a plausible hypothesis given that the door is a brick. These areas are scattered throughout the game, and are a remnant of a period when there was probably something else to be done during Night City apart from going from mission to mission.

As we’ve previously reported, one fan was thrilled to finally unlock an entrance that the game had allowed them to open to open but then discovered another, unaccessible door that was on the opposite side. While these findings are fascinating, are, they may suggest an unfinished game that required additional time to bake, as well as developers who were incredibly overloaded.

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