Now Out of Early Access, Beacon is an Action Roguelite Worth Jumping Into

Beacon Early Access

Beacon was accessible as an Early Access since 2019, but , as of the present week, it’s fully available.

It is described as a sci-fi action roguelite’ Beaconis set on a mysterious planet. The protagonist is in search of her beacon of distress. Can she locate it before she goes to sleep? It’s hard to say, but this could be a roguelite after all. It is likely that you will die several times before becoming successful. But don’t fret Death isn’t the end of the road. It’s just another chance to find useful equipment and improve your statistics.

There are some interesting techniques there. Instead of just changing your character’s appearance it is possible to alter her genome. When you play there are new modifications and the most effective ones offer enhancements. Other players may improve one aspect while decreasing another. The best modifications to apply is a matter of planning. Beware: every DNA modification has the possibility of mutating the character more.

The most appealing aspect of Beacon However, the main reason to play Beacon it’s how enjoyable it is to move through its world. Every level you’re in – random-generated obviously, which means it’s unlikely that you’ll ever be in the same spot repeatedly – is vast and offers a variety of paths to explore. The platforms are massive and bouncing to get from one location to the next, or even jump into a huge flower, which will then be fired away to a brand new floating island. There are lifts to get you higher, and caverns for you to explore. It’s hard to know what’s in store for you, however, the odds are that it’s going to be filled with loot and enemies.

There’s a wide variety of enemies that can be encountered fighting them requires engaging in a fun twin-stick mechanism. It’s the basic gun, but in the course of any adventure, you’ll be able to find more advanced weapons like flare guns, grenade launchers, LMGs. You’ll be able to swap between several guns but you’ll need decide which one is the well for you. Anything that isn’t part of your arsenal will have to take away. Alongside your primary arsenal, it’s also possible to be able to use a an array of throwables that are useful for crowd control and breaking down barriers that might be preventing your progress. 

We’ve only barely scratched the surface of what the Beaconhas to provide however we’ve been amazed. If you’re a fan of twin-stick shooting action, love exploring well-crafted worlds and are awed by the excitement of a Roguelike It’s worth a look.

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