Maybe Spider-Man 4 is in development

Maybe Spider-Man 4 is in development

Spider-Man producer Amy Pascal and Kevin Feige have revealed more details about the making of Spider-Man The Last Way Home and teased that Disney/Marvel and Sony are “actively developing” Spidey’s next adventure that could turn out to be Spider-Man 4.

An interview was conducted in an interview with The New York Times, Pascal and Feige were asked about the forthcoming standalone Spider-Man film and the latest remarks that confirmed Sony along with Disney were working for at least three additional Spider-Man films.

“We’re producers, therefore we believe that all things will be in order,” Pascal said. “I am a fan of being with Kevin. We’ve formed a wonderful partnership and I am also a big fan of Tom Rothman, who runs Sony and has been an integral part of the team as a leader with amazing ideas. I’m hoping it will last forever.”

Feige stated that they’re not only cooperating, but they are “actively working on” the direction that Spider-Man’s story will take in the future. What happens next with Spider-Man 4 or another cameo is still to be determined However, the fans will be glad to know that they’re already working hard on the next steps of Tom Holland’s Peter Parker.

He also revealed the information in order to not be in a similar situation to the one that occurred after Spider-Man: Far From Home in which Sony as well as Disney/Marvel almost didn’t produce another Spider-Man film in the same way.

“Amy as well as I together with Disney as well as Sony are discussing and yes we’re currently getting ready to determine the direction of the story and this I do not say publicly because I would rather not see fans experience any sort of feelings of separation like the one that occurred following “Far From Home” (the last Spider-Man film, which was released in the year 2019″Far From Home” in 2019. It won’t happen this time around,” Feige said.

“At the conclusion of the film we’ve made you witness Spider-Man make a pivotal choice, one you’ve never witnessed him do previously,” Pascal added. “It’s an act of sacrifice. It provides us with a lot of material to consider in the coming film.”

Pascal also shared her thoughts about the studios being able in some way to “top” Spider-Man: No Way Home, which saw the inclusion of a lot of Spider-Man’s cast members.

“Not every Spider-Man film is going to have a variety of different characters” Pascal said. “That method was perfect for this film. You shouldn’t be thinking about eclipsing yourself with regard to spectacle. If you don’t, films will get bigger and larger without any reason, and that’s not the best outcome. However, we wish to continuously beat ourselves on the quality and emotional impact.

“Kevin and I will never to lose sight of just one important thing: Peter Parker. He’s a normal child. The fact that he’s been orphaned over and over. Being a teenager, which means that everything is at an all-time high and everything is more important than anything else. The fact that he’s motivated by good and guilt. He’s pursuing an ideal cause, but is vilified by the media.”

The duo then discussed how they were able to bring all of these actors back into the Spider-Man universe. Although they didn’t get too deep into detail, they did share some of the steps and the way they persuaded those who were skeptical about it all.

“That they weren’t going be cash-grabs cameos,” Pascal said. “The scenes were genuine. The fact that I was with them for the first time and will be again, and that I have so much respect for them, and all the work we shared throughout the many years.”

Many rejoiced and celebrated the moment Tobey Maguire as well as Andrew Garfield once again became their own versions of Spider-Man There were those who were hoping for a Spider-Man appearance from Kirsten Dunst as well as Amazing Spider-Man’s Emma Stone.

“When people see the film they’ll be able to know,” Feige said. “It’s all about story.. It was a major target for us all -for Jon and Amy and Chris McKenna, and our writers, Erik Sommers and Amy as well as Jon along with our writers Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers — to ensure that Peter Parker’s senior year at high school didn’t end up lost amid the chaos that comes because of Peter Parker’s experience to Doctor Strange. This could have easily been the case. This is the reason why that there aren’t any additional two people from the film.”

Pascal along with Feige were also asked by the NYT’s Brooks Barnes if we were “ever going to see a woman sporting superpowers along with Spider-Man.” It was also mentioned that there’s an ongoing storyline in the comics in which MJ is given the opportunity to test her new Iron Spider armor. When Pascal offered the impression of a “coy smile” and said “never ever say never,” Feige revealed a bit more about their philosophy.

“We have lots of storylines. Brooks! Many plot lines” Feige said. “It all boils to these amazing actors, fantastic actors. I’m guessing your question is not about what MJ did in comics and more about the fact that ‘Zendaya is really amazing. Are we going to get to see the more she does?”

Pascal Feige and Pascal Feige have teamed up for the last three Spider-Man films as well as some appearances for other MCU films. They both spoke about how their collaboration began by a plea for help following the “rather awkward” Amazing Spider-Man 2.

“That is the truth,”” Pascal revealed. “I called Kevin and said, ‘Help.’ He then came over at my desk for lunch, and told me that “I know how I can help you.’ Then I tossed an entire sandwich at him.”

“She told me”I really need you to assist me with the next film. We have some great suggestions for the next movie. It’s incredible stuff” Feige stated. “And I told him I’m not great in that area providing advice and then leaving. The only way I can know how to help you is by making the film in your behalf.”

“And the next day, Kevin called me and came into the house and said “I am thinking of something. What happens if Tony Stark makes Peter’s suit What if Tony Stark makes Peter’s suit? As soon as he mentioned that, I was able to see the possibilities that we could create with each other,” Pascal concluded. “It would be great to include Iron Man and Spidey in the same place one that is more rooted in technological advancement — the latest suit – but less than medical experiments and the like, where we used to be prior to, was far contemporary.”

The interview contains some other interesting little information, such as the confirmation that Pascal had a FaceTime conversation with Tom Holland in a bathtub. However, Pascal isn’t one to facetime and tell, and he won’t divulge any further details of the crucial bath time conversation.

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