Mass Effect Legendary Edition Mod Removes Kai Leng As Much As Possible

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Mod Removes Kai Leng As Much As Possible

Modders have been at it again This time, they’re revamping the Mass Effect Legendary Edition experience, almost completely getting rid of the well-known cyber-ninja Kai Leng from Mass Effect 3.

Why is this not the case with the other two? It’s a good thing that BioWare has stumbled just once, and there’s no evidence of him prior to his appearance on the show. Simply put, Kai Leng is not an extremely popular Mass Effect character – even when the voice of Kai Leng is Troy Baker. The cybernetically enhanced ex-N7 Marine is right-hand of the Cerberus’s Illusive Man who works as an assassin in order to ensure the supremacy of humans across the galaxy. Also, he’s a major part of a number of Mass Effect novels.

The fans of the show don’t enjoy Leng because of his odd appearance and pretentious speech. If you’re feeling that way then you’re now able to throw Leng off the Legendary Edition journey. Because of the new mod just called “Shut Up Leng’ by Scottina123, Mass Effect 3 will be rid of his lines. Additionally, his character will be given aesthetic modifications so that he blends into the other Cerberus opponents you’ll encounter.

Based on the list of features The project is attempting to remove Kai Leng from the game as far as it is possible. Not only will you never hear Kai Leng’s voice, you’ll ignore his wavy hair and sad face, since the villain is now sporting an all-face helmet. In essence, he’s only one of the Phantoms who Cerberus will unleash on Shepard.

The creator has also taken Leng from all sections where you will encounter in the game such as the fight against the Citadel and the dialogue that you have with Illusive Man at Mars and even the fight with Thessia’s boss. All references to Kai Leng found on the terminals also have been deleted. The mod can be downloaded on it’s Nexus page and hope you don’t be able to find the cyber-assassin.

If you’ve not a fan of Mass Effect before, now is the perfect moment to get this game because it’s available on the Legendary Edition bundle. Legendary Edition bundle has been accessible for purchase on Xbox Game Pass since the beginning of January. You can also get your hands on the chance to have a satisfying conclusion to the entire trilogy with the very well-loved mod.

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