Man of Steel Sequel can come – Writer of Man of steel Says that

Man of Steel Sequel

Superman is one of the popular superheroes of DC Comics. And fans are waiting for a sequel of Man of Steel. Today we will talk about a viral rumor, and that is about the Man of Steel sequel. So read the full blog to know more about this rumor.

Henry Cavill-starred Man of Steel was released back in 2013 and is rumored to get a sequel for years. Warner Bros. denies that the movie will be a sequel.

Man of Steel Sequel

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Man of Steel writer David S. Goyer says the movie may still happen. Goyer replied, “I believe so.” He also explained that he is not currently involved in the sequel. Although I have heard similar rumors, I am not interested in them. I have withdrawn almost entirely from any comic book-related projects, except Sandman. I don’t think Sandman is part of the DC Universe.

Goyer revealed that Warner Bros. wanted Christopher Nolan’s creation of a new DC universe from The Dark Knight Trilogy. He stated that Chris wanted the Dark Knight films to remain an independent entity and that [the studio] continued to want to draw him into a DC expanded universe. Chris was a producer on Man of Steel. It’s tempting to believe they were connected, but they weren’t. It’s possible to do it retroactively, but I don’t think so.

Although Warner Bros. has said that Cavill’s time as Superman had ended, Cavill claimed that he will still play the role. He stated, “I have not abandoned the role. Superman still has a lot of work ahead of me. There is a lot of storytelling to be done. Many real and honest depths will allow me to understand the character entirely. I want to be like the comic books. This is important to me. Superman deserves a lot more justice. You’ll find out.

So, from the complete information, we can think that A Sequel of Superman can come. David S. Goyer said,” Superman deserves a lot more justice”. That’s mean a sequel or another movie of Superman can come.

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Yes, But we are not sure. But according to the rumors, Man of Steel 2 can be released.

The released date isn’t confirmed. The news of Man of Steel sequel is just a rumor.

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