Krafton Announces Battlegrounds Mobile India Classic Updates as Fans Demand Fix, iOS Version

Krafton Announces Battlegrounds Mobile India Classic Updates

Battlegrounds Mobile has now officially landed in India and is a phenomenal success, with the Android version available right on Google Play Store. There are plenty of new updates to enjoy if you’re not caught up playing already: map areas, improved weapon handling, guns, and more! With all these additions, it’s time to get back into those battlegrounds again for some action-packed entertainment from your phone or tablet.

 Krafton Announces Battlegrounds Mobile India Classic Updates

  • UI and Graphics Improvements: updated weapon expression, tripartition screen, layout/sensitivity sharing feature.
  • Improvements to Cheer Park: Updated Training Ground, Crush Islets, Quick Draw Zone.
  • New Weapons and Items: M1014 Semi-Automatic Shotgun, FAMAS, Spike Trap, Mosin Nagant Sniper Rifle
  • Upgraded Battle Experience: Throw Melee Weapon, Select Waypoints, Over the Shoulder
  • New Arena Map: Hangar
  • New Map Karakin
  • New Vehicles: Coupe RB (available in Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, Livik) and Motor Glider (available in Erangel and Miramar)

As the game has been available to mobile gamers for some time now, it’s about time that people on the desktop get a taste of all the new features. The update hasn’t brought any groundbreaking changes or additions but minor improvements such as better textures and anti-aliasing.

Now keep in mind that most of these updates aren’t particularly new. Instead, they’re present on PUBG Mobile, too, as well as BGMI Early Access version, so it’s pretty likely Krafton decided to post this article to ensure their community knows it’s getting an experience par with the rest worldwide.

Many players are demanded that to ban hackers. And Krafton will take a step about this. Because hackers on BGMI are not a new or an unbelievable thing. That is a common thing.

IOS release date on BGMI 

Sources tell us that Apple is hesitant to let Krafton release the game on the App Store and Google Play, respectively, thanks partly to its controversial nature. Clonotech has repeatedly reported that the government will intervene with intermediaries, such as Apple and Google.

Clonotech reached out to Apple to comment when the game was announced regarding its approval and is yet to respond.

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Battlegrounds Mobile India is an Indian avatar of PUBG Mobile.

BGMI release date for iOS is expected to be July 6.

No, BGMI is not a Chinese game. This game is created by krafton a Korean company.

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