Is Crypto Market Crash Continues?

Is Crypto Market Crash Continues?

Really crypto market crash will continues? Many investors are turning cautious in the volatile cryptocurrency market after a steep crash following an extremely bullish run. Others advocate “buying the dip” and holding for maximum gains. Still, one Reddit user’s compiled a list of cryptocurrencies from 2017 that never regained their all-time highs reveals just 12 digital assets from last year made it to where they were before this recent downturn–a stark reminder of how quickly fortunes can change in crypto investing. Investors should research deciding what tokens to hold is crucial when so much volatility reigns supreme. 


The user, who identified as ‘shineyumbreon’, listed digital currencies that regained their peak value. The list included Bitcoin (price in India), Ether (price in India), Binance Coin, and Dogecoin (price in India).


-Bitcoin lost its dominance because it was too expensive to use for smaller transactions; Ethereum has a greater blockchain capability than bitcoin which allows other applications beyond coins or tokens like music royalties exchanges and insurance contracts; Binance’s token is used similarly to how many companies issue stock options when they want employees’ loyalty but don’t wish them much power over company decisions — meaning you give up some salary potentials for more security against layoffs or sudden changes at work

crypto market crash can raise?

In the last year, he got burnt because they blindly followed someone’s advice and held all their coins. Recently though, when he saw more and more people telling new investors to “simply hold through this crash,” He wanted to show them a different perspective on holding.


Is Crypto Market Crash Continues

People investing in cryptocurrencies should “do serious research” when picking the right coins to hold through what potentially looks like an upcoming bear market.

In 2017, you had an 11 per cent chance of buying correct projects if you only picked ones from the top 100.

The post has been upvoted 93 per cent and received more than 100 comments, with most users saying the crypto they are holding is on the list posted by ‘shineyumbreon’. One user named ‘ellersh7623’ commented, “This is a great post. Hodl strategies only work with few serious cryptocurrencies projects.” RamHead04 added that this should be pinned to the top of the CryptoCurrency subreddit as it will come in handy for future bull runs!

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There is a major issue, that the Elon Mask has said that Tesla will not accept Crypto currency.

No one can told about future. So we can not say about the upcoming times of crypto. 

Bitcoin has fallen more then 80% in three separate occasion since 2012. So no one can say about the future.

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