How To Play PC Games on Android

play pc games in android
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Are you getting bored with the mobile games and their simple gameplay and storyline? Do you want to play pc game but you don’t have pc or your pc is very low spec and for this, you cannot play high or ultra-high graphics pc games? Then this blog is very helpful for you because in this blog we will talk about how to play pc games on android device.

If you don’t have any kind of pc then you can play pc games on android by cloud gaming. Cloud gaming also works on pc. So, if you have a low specification pc then you can play high graphic games on your pc by cloud gaming .


  • You don’t need to download any game on your device
  • You can enjoy it on your pc also.
  • You don’t need to have any high spec pc or laptop


  • You need to pay monthly to play these game.
  • You need to wait when the server is full
  • These services are not available in all country

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With cloud gaming service you don’t need to download any game on your pc or mobile. You just need fast internet to play games without any lag. Cloud gaming is a type of software that can run on your pc or mobile. You just need to buy it and then install the game you want to play, after doing this, you will be able to play games without any lag as cloud gaming works on the internet connection of your pc or mobile.

If both players are in the same network (same Wi-Fi), they won’t have any kind of delay while playing online multiplayer mode but if one player is not in the same network with another player then he/she might get some sort of lag which may happen sometimes but typically there isn’t any problem. The main benefit for using cloud gaming service instead of PC’s high spec hardware like CPU and GPU is that you don’t need high specs computer so you can play pc games on android without any lag.

How can you take this service?

There are many kinds of company that gives cloud gaming services. But here we talk about the best cloud gaming service.

NVIDIA’s latest product is called GeForce NOW which offers AAA titles from leading publishers including Bethesda, Ubisoft, and EA. You can also enjoy an incredible 60 frames per second graphics with this very low latency (typically 20ms or less). And just like NVIDIA’s GeForce cards themselves in the past have had access to all of their cutting edge technologies such as Game Works for example – so too does MY now available service offer that same level of quality!

How to install this

– Download and install GeForce NOW on your Android device from the Google Play Store.

– Sign up for a FREE trial of NVIDIA GeForce Now or use your existing account. Choose any game in their library, like “Assassin’s Creed Odyssey” or “Skyrim”, then click on Install now! You will have 14 days before you need to pay for this service if it is not canceled beforehand. This free trial does not grant access to all games though so always read carefully what they offer with each one and choose wisely. If you cancel at any time within these two weeks, you’ll get refunded fully back into your account balance we mentioned earlier as long as there are no charges on your account.

– Save the game to your GeForce NOW library and wait for it to download, depending on the size of the file this may take a while

– Once you have completed downloading from GeForce NOW, open up Steam or any other gaming platform that supports PC games with the “Play” button at the top right corner of their opening screen. This will allow you to play all pc games downloaded through NVIDIA’s service anywhere in the world without having access to an internet connection or external hardware like a keyboard and mouse!

PlayStation Now is a new game streaming service for PS and PS VR that lets you enjoy high-fidelity gameplay with Sony’s console-quality controller.

It offers over 550 titles to start: all of your favorite PlayStation hits are there plus some games not available anywhere else! Games will also stream at 60 frames per second, giving you an amazing gaming experience as if it were coming out of the TV screen right into your hands (or onto your headset). With your subscription, you can access the service on a PC or Mac and stream to a Sony TV with an internet connection.

PlayStation Now is available in Canada for $20 per month or $100 annually (CAD).

How to install this?

– Download the software from the Play Store.

– Launch PlayStation Now app, log in with your PSN account, or create one for free if you don’t have it.

– Select a game to play from our vast library of PlayStation games. Find what works best for you. Log in using your PSN ID (from any platform).

PlayStation Now is available as an Android TV service that plugs into Google Chromecast devices; TCL Roku TVs; Sony Brava televisions and more! 


How do I use my subscription?

– Sign up for a free trial and there will be no charge.

– Pay an annual subscription of $100 CAD (or your local currency equivalent) annually to continue playing games. You can cancel at any time, but if you do so before the end of the calendar year in which it was paid then we’ll try our best to refund what is due from that date forward – just email us here.

PSN account: Create a PlayStation Network account on PSN or sign in with the one you already have. How does this work?

Purchasing credits: Credits are used by gamers as they play on PlayStation Now either through their mobile phone data plan or via Wi-Fi connection where available. When using wife, you will need to have a network connection on your phone, and you can use the same credentials as your PlayStation Network account.

– Connect from PC:  To connect via WIFI, first connect your Android device to the internet with Wi-Fi or mobile data using PSN login details (see above).   Once connected go to “PlayStation Now” in the Play Store, choose “Sign In” then enter normal PlayStation Network sign-in details into this page.

– Connect from Mobile Phone Data plan: If you are connecting over an active cellular data connection please ensure that all of these items are true so there is no interruption during gameplay. You should also be aware that due to various network provider settings it may not always be possible to have an active cellular data connection, even though you are connected.

– Ensure that the version of the PlayStation® App on your device is updated with at least v. 161 (released January 2017)

– Your Android phone must be running Android OS v.   API level 25 or higher and support OpenGL ES version EGL_EMULATE_GLSL; If this requirement cannot be met then it may not always possible to connect while on mobile broadband connections due to network providers restrictions, as such please ensure a strong WiFI signal before connecting over WiFi.

It’s worth noting that the shadow cloud gaming service is only available on Sony devices, but you can still use your PC or laptop to play games streamed from a PlayStation console

The Playstation Mobile SDK must be installed in order for Unity games (or any game built with Unity) to run properly. This will allow Android apps and games developed using this software development kit to access various features of the device while running.

– A companion app may need to also be downloaded onto your android phone depending on the type of game you are trying out; please refer to individual instructions within each pc/console manufacturer’s website as required.

How to install this and play pc games on android?


– Visit the PlayStation Mobile SDK website and download it onto your PC or laptop.

– Create an account on Sony’s Developer World site, then log in to start downloading the SDK files. This will take approximately 20 minutes to complete for a wi-fi connection; if you are not connected wirelessly then this process could be much longer depending on how fast your internet is.

Although there may not be a specific emulator available for these types of programs yet (which would allow us to convert them into something that works with our phones), we can still enjoy playing Crossy Road by using two methods – the first of which is by using the official app made for it on Android.

The second way to enjoy Crossy Road is with a PC emulator that supports playing android games – this would require you have an account with Sony or Xbox, and then be able to download both their gaming systems onto your laptop/PC (or purchase them through their console).

Once you’ve created one of these accounts, follow the instructions below:

– Visit the PlayStation Mobile SDK website and download it onto your PC or laptop.

– Create an account on Sony’s Developer World site, then log in to start downloading the SDK files. This will take approximately 20 minutes to complete for a wi-fi connection; if you are not connected wirelessly then you will have to wait.

– Once you’ve installed the SDK files, open Sony’s Media Manager then choose “New”.

– Select your source folder (where all of your pc games are saved), name it and click OK. You do not need to make any changes here unless you wish to change the location of where these folders are stored on your PC or laptop by clicking “Edit” – this is an important step as you want them close enough together that they won’t run out of memory space when playing so be sure to keep those settings in mind!

– Now go back into Media Manager again but instead select “Import All”, which should import all available media from that source folder automatically for you. If there are no files in the folder, you will not be able to import anything.

– Once they’re imported into Medi Manager and ready for use on your Android device, simply click “Export All” and choose a location where you want all of these files saved (preferably an external hard drive).

– Now connect your phone or tablet with a USB cable to PC/laptop then open ‘My Computer’ and find it under the Devices category as shown below:

If connected successfully, there should now be a new icon visible called “Android”. It’s typically found next to another labeled ‘SD Card’. Double click this one in order to view what is stored inside. Clicking on each individual file name within here will show their preview thumbnail, which is a good way to make sure you’re choosing the right files.

– Click on “Import All” and select your external hard drive as shown below:

Now all of these saved PC game files will be imported into Medi Manager’s library where they can then be exported onto an Android device for playing whenever desired.

A new and innovative way to play pc games on Android is by using the Vortex service. This cloud gaming service works seamlessly with a wide range of PC games, which can be streamed onto any android device without downloading them first. As it requires minimal setup, this effectively removes all barriers that may exist for users who want to enjoy their favorite titles when they’re not at home or outside WiFi coverage areas.

– Once these steps have been followed successfully:

Downloading the client app from Google Play Store will enable you to start playing your selected game in just minutes! Selecting “Play Now” under each title’s description should launch a pop-up window like below asking if you would like to install now or later – select “Install”.

– Once the installation has completed, select “Play Now” to launch the game on your phone.

The only requirement is that you have a stable internet connection for seamless gameplay and access to all of your favorite titles from anywhere!

Project XCLOUD’s vision is to offer gamers the best of both worlds by enabling PC gaming on Android devices.

The app supports downloads for most popular games such as League of Legends, CS: GO, and this feature will be continually expanded with more titles in the near future!

– The installation process can take a few minutes depending on your internet connection speed but we promise it’s worth it – just think about all those hours you’ll save not having to sit at home or outside WiFi coverage areas waiting for large game updates/patches to download.

Once installed open Project CLOUD from your Home Screen and select “Play Now”. Once launched, click Play under each title’s description (you may need to wait up to 20 seconds before a game appears).

The following games are currently available:

– League of Legends – CS: GO – Team Fortress Classic

– Frozen Synapse Prime (free)

Download the app on your Android device from Google Play or visit to learn more about this revolutionary new technology!

Project CLOUD is a free and innovative PC gaming solution for Android devices that enables users to play their favorite games without any need for installation, simply by downloading them in advance using Project XCLOUD’s easy one-click process. The application supports downloads for most popular games such as League of Legends, CS: GO, and this feature will be continually expanded with more titles in the near future! Once installed, open Project CLOUD and click a game. The download process starts automatically, but you can also press the “Download” button to manually start it if necessary.

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This blog is created by Nayeem Boktheir

If you don’t have any kind of pc then you can play pc games on android by cloud gaming. Cloud gaming also works on pc. So, if you have a low specification pc then you can play high graphic games on your pc by cloud gaming .

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