How to Delete A Reddit Account?

How to Delete A Reddit Account?
Reddit has millions of active monthly users. Read on to learn more. Reddit privacy and security concernsTo and from Learn how to permanently delete an account If you feel it’s the best for you, Reddit is not unfamiliar with controversy. Flashback to 2016 just after Donald Trump’s election. Reddit CEO Steve Huffman discovered that many of the most critical and popular comments on a pro-Trump subreddit, r/The_Donald, were made about Huffman. This was in response to the shutdown of a Hilary Clinton conspiracy forum. You can remove your Reddit account if you are no longer interested. You will need to go through additional steps if you wish to delete Reddit comments and posts. Here’s how it works. You need to know before learning How to delete a Reddit account. Reddit allows you to “deactivate your account”. This is a permanent deactivation. Your account will be deleted permanently after you deactivate it. Also, your username will disappear from Reddit. Reddit comments and posts will still be available on the website. They won’t have your Reddit username associated. Reddit says they are “unattributed” and that no one can identify who posted them. Also, messages you have sent will be unattributed.

Should You Delete Posts and Comments Before Delete a Reddit Account ?

Reddit’s use of Reddit will determine whether you have to delete comments or posts. Let’s take, for example, that your username is “nayem333” and that you have posted a comment with the content “lol”. When you deactivate Reddit, the comment “lol”, will still be visible on Reddit, but it won’t have your username associated with it. It will only be visible to the public that the comment was deleted from an account, but not from which account. This is probably not a big deal. If you have comments or posts that contain personal information, you might want to delete them before deactivating your account. We will show you how to remove them and how to check.

How to Delete Posts and Comments Before Delete a Reddit Account ?

To view posts and comments you’ve created on Reddit, head to the Reddit website and sign in with the Reddit account you want to delete.

To view your profile, click your name in the upper-right corner on Reddit.

To view Reddit posts, click the “Posts” link at the top of this page. To view your comments, click “Comments”.
To see the list of comments and posts, you can click “Delete” to delete any comments or posts. Click the “…” link under the comment or post and choose “Delete”.

How to Delete A Reddit Account?

You can delete your account by going to the Reddit account settings page. It is easy to find your username by clicking on it in the top-right corner. Click the link at the bottom to deactivate your account. Then Reddit Will ask you for a confirmation . If you click in the continue button then you can go forward to delete your reddit account . Reddit will request optional feedback from you about why you are deleting your account. To continue, you will need to enter your username and password. Click “I understand that deleted accounts cannot be recovered” and then click “Deactivate”.

Reddit will once again ask for confirmation. If you are certain that you want to proceed with the process, click “Deactivate”

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