How The Batman Shows the Hero at His Darkest – and Most Vulnerable

How The Batman Shows the Hero at His Darkest - and Most Vulnerable

The Batman is looking to be the most dark movie adaptation of DC’s iconic vigilante, yet all the violence and brutal crime can take its toll upon Batman, who is the Dark Knight. The director Matt Reeves and actor Robert Pattinson sought to discover Bruce Wayne’s vulnerability in The Batman, a new film that aims to highlight the human side that is hidden beneath the cowl.

Speaking to IGN, Reeves said “Being Batman is an unbalanced idea… the idea that the way you react to the events that occurred to you as a kid is that you’ll go out every night to replay that nightmare, and continue fighting your fears. I believe the only reason to this is an attempt to rid yourself of the vulnerability. He’s worked to control his own self but in the human condition, you can’t overcome vulnerability.”

What aspects of vulnerability do Bruce Wayne still harbour? “To my mind, Bruce Wayne’s primary anxiety isn’t over dying, it’s the thought that someone is dear to him may be killed,” explained Reeves. “As as a result, he’s keeping the entire family at arm’s length since they don’t want to experience the pain once more and he doesn’t wish to be a victim again.”

Pattinson has a different take on the reason Bruce Wayne keeps himself away from the rest of society. “He believes he’s isolated,” he said. “He’s been obsessedsince the death of his parents, and it’s occupied the majority of his head that he isn’t aware that there are others around him who will take care of him. There are some people in his life that are in a relationship with, however he’s in some sort of a depressive tailspin.”

“There’s an unquestionable compulsion to perform the task,” said Reeves. “It’s not rational and it’s even not practical and doesn’t make sense. This is why that, in a particular way his scars make him the ultimate Batman. Since only someone with such a set of injuries could leave and be forced to perform what he’s doing every night.

“So it’s irony in the character, that type of trauma is what makes him perfectly fit for the role of hero has become. However it isn’t his nature to handle this level of vulnerability and that’s why there’s the fear is unable to overcome. The thought of losing peopleto death is on an elemental level that isn’t something he can handle. He’s not able to cope with the thought of vulnerability.”

The Batman film is set in the early years throughout the Dark Knight’s journey as a result, there aren’t many of his fellow characters whom he could call friends until. However, should the film develop into a full-length serial, Pattinson would like to examine how this version of Batman would handle characters like Robin particularly due to the way that vulnerability manifests it.

“I talked to Matt concerning Robin the last time,” he said. “There’s a lot of graphic novels that really showcase Robin [along with the Bat Familyin intriguing ways. It’s a huge aspect of comics and it would be intriguing to watch anyone who is struggling with relationships, figure out how to get a friend.”

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