Horizon Forbidden West review

Horizon Forbidden West review

Horizon Zero Dawn did not require an extension. The story was complete when the credits began to roll. It was a journey that took Aloy from being a solitary member of the Nora tribe to nearly halting an apocalypse that was robotic. This kind of clarity is rare in huge-budget games this big.

This leaves one to ask, what if there really need to be a Zero Dawn sequel need to be developed in the first place? Of course, we want to go back to the modern, prehistoric Earth in which robotic dinosaurs roam the landscape while human tribes struggle to earn an existence under their feet. But why did it have to be there?

With Horizon Forbidden West, Guerrilla Games proves Aloy’s story deserves a second chapter. The game is a major technological achievement that is “next-generation” as well, and more more importantly it captures smaller and more humane details, too.

The weight of the world

Within Horizon Zero Dawn, we witness Aloy transform from an Nora tribe outcast to becoming a world-saving hero. Forbidden West exposes the cost of this victory. Her search for the solution to the Blight, a scourge of red which is infecting the world’s wildlife and the foliage alike, prompts her to travel West towards California. This region is known as”the Forbidden West according to the Carja because of the brutal Tanakth who reside in the region. Despite all the achievements she made in the previous game, Aloy is an outsider in the new world. But she’s not the only one. Varl and Erend her two friends from the initial game, are fighting for her However, the burden of her mission separates her from her close friends. She is irritated by the world. She is determined to protect the planet from the Blight that is sweeping across the globe and yet she’s confronted by minor squabbles and politics.

When she arrives at the Forbidden West, she is entangled in the battle between the Tenakth as well as an unruly tribe led by a warmonger known as Regalla, who is taught how to override machines. The pursuit leads her on a huge adventure that eventually expands the the game’s sci-fi setting more than the previous game.

Though never indifferent, especially to the weak and the vulnerable At the beginning of the game Aloy is hiding away from her social networks. She is able to escape to sleep, avoiding taking on the assistance of Varl and then pushes him away. Erend leaving him at the end of the first game, without saying a word. She’s forced herself to live an unfulfilling existence because she isn’t willing to burden other people with the burden that she carries.

The sequel is an excellent example of this. The story is still personal. Forbidden West is about reconnecting with the human race and forging, or rebuilding friendships. It works due to the diverse characters in the world. Varl and Erend are back However, the game takes on more to do with putting together teams’. This includes some fantastic new characters to Aloy’s circle, such as Zo who is a strong and spirited character from a tranquil tribe, and Kotallo an edgy warrior who is dealing with the recent losing of his arm. Each character offers a fresh perspective that relate events back for you through a new viewpoint. It brings life to The Forbidden West’s world Forbidden West, and helps it seem lived within.

Our friends that we met on the way

The focus on the character of Forbidden West is apparent by the amount of time you are spending within dialogue trees. If you’re willing to spend a long time talking to your fellow characters. Although it’s a linear tale with only a few branches to choose from however, we formed strong friendships with the characters. Although it doesn’t have the variety like Mass Effect and Dragon Age however, we were like we were as invested in our characters like we did in those classic RPGs. That’s the reason that is what makes Forbidden West so much more than an action-oriented, open-world game.

Guerrilla Games has always made stunning games, but in this case the team’s technical skills are used to enhance the narrative. The exceptional animation lets people you encounter to life. The faces of your friends become animated when they react to Aloy. The moments you witness people talking to one another are among the most captivating moments on the market. Retrieving to base to find out what your friends discuss the events raises the story’s stakes.

There is more to it than just hearing about the danger Regalla as well as her rebels bring to the region. You are able to feel the fear and frustration it stirs up in people who are around you. You witness Erend struggling to control his desire to crush everything with a hammer . Or Varl’s passion to Aloy across the entire world due to the emotion that is displayed by their faces. In a tale about discovering your humanity, and being able to observe your life’s reflection on those around you is what drives the theme to the forefront.

The choices you make seem to be incredibly small however they are among Forbidden West’s most powerful aspects. Even characters of lesser importance will change their dialogue according to your actions. The dialogue of their characters will be updated depending on such things as the person you spoke with first upon returning back to the base.

In normal circumstances, walking around an encampment chatting to all NPCs is a minor act, like checking off an agenda before returning to the real world. When characters make comments about whom you’ve spoken to, it can make the simplest of things like an Kotallo telling you that he heard you were bringing your companions along on a quest following a conversation just two minutes prior. This makes the friendships more tangible.

There’s a chance that you’re not making major decisions, such as choosing one tribe over the other However, sharing the decisions you make in your everyday actions will bring you to the forefront of the world. Inspiring you to be a part of the world was a major theme in Zero Dawn. Lore entryways and vantage points give you a better understanding of the world around you, connecting the old and new worlds. The focus on NPC dialogue further extends that design concept with greater realism however, and making you feel like a participant to the world of characters that you’re exploring.

Horizon Forbidden West PC Requirements

  • OS: Windows 7 64-bit.
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-2500K 3.3GHz / AMD FX-8320.
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon RX 570 4GB or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 4GB.
  • RAM: 8 GB.
  • HDD: 65 GB.
  • DirectX 11 Compatible Graphics Card.

A gorgeous, forbidding, and beautiful world

Horizon Forbidden West can be described as one of the most stunning games we’ve ever played. The world of the game is a small portion of the southwest USA and is condensed into being capable of traveling between Las Vegas and San Francisco within 10 minutes. It’s an eerie scale when you think too much about it, but it does not diminish the reality of how realistic this is. There’s a variety of biomes to discover, the rocky mountains are replaced by vast jungles, deserts that are secluded as well as icy wastelands deep blue oceans and abandoned cities.

The game is encapsulated in the small details like dirty and chipped stone on the paths of mountain, the leaves moving in the trees, the way the sun shines on soft snow, and all of it is influenced by the constantly changing climate and weather. It’s beautiful to observe.

There’s no peace in the world , however. Horizon’s mechanical creatures come back creating a stunning image on our world. New and old machines make up these worlds. Allow them to be left to their own devices and be able to observe them living within the natural environment. Grimhorns, for example can plant seeds on the land. Fireclaws can be seen barreling out of forests, creating the area to blaze with flames wherever they travel. But, at the same time mechanical and natural do not mix. They blend and interplay and make the world appear as one cohesive whole.

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Tired feet

24 Amazing Things In Horizon Forbidden West

While stunning to look at however, navigating across the Forbidden West isn’t without its challenges. Aloy is a difficult to navigate more frequently than she needs to. Guerrilla allows you to tweak your movements through the settings, however it can only go only so far. It’s not unusual for her to not grasp onto the ledges that you’re clearly trying to reach which can cause her to fall into the bottom of the long climb. She may also be unable to climb ladders, and often gets caught on the landscape. Her movements are not precise and disrupt the flow of your work.

It’s frustrating when a game looks great but it’s a challenge to engage with. In the worst case this could result in you being killed, which is an eye-rollingly irritating experience. There’s a lack of flow to the movements that the whole experience is asking for. In addition, when all the effort has been put into putting you in the same shoes as Aloys and it’s jarring all the more when you fall on your toe.

The awkward and difficult maneuverability is a real nightmare with a mounted. The ride is often pulled from side-to-side or stop abruptly when trying to navigate through the world.

Exploration and platforming comprise the mainstays of Forbidden West, which is why this is a major issue. It’s not a major issue however it does hold it back more frequently than it ought to.

Epic battle

24 Amazing Things In Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West’s battle is a fascinating dance that can seem to have an incredible amount of depth. Alongside the machines she needs to defeat, Aloy will also spend an extensive amount of time fighting rebels from different tribes. The fight between people is fun, but it becomes dull since the most effective strategy is effective throughout the game, which is to use Aloy’s slow abilities to shoot enemies on the forehead.

The game gets exciting when you attempt to take on the machines. Finding weaknesses in a massive beast and exploiting them using your arsenal of exotic weapons is an absolute blast. Fighting an Apex Tideripper with just two thrown-together electronic traps as well as some acid-tipped arrows is one hell of a time. These weaknesses are essential to the fight and the art of exploiting them can be rewarding.

When you’re fighting with Forbidden West’s huge machines, you must master the attack pattern, control changes in status and look for weaknesses. These battles can be drawn out, particularly during the initial game phase when you’re not strong enough. Although the battles aren’t as difficult as those in games such as Monster Hunter, they offer an easier, faster execution of the same idea.

In Zero Dawn, you can use these machines to your advantage and let them fight with you. While most have a set timer and just fighting with you for a brief time, when you can get two massive creatures to fight against each other, it’s truly impressive. The act of sneaking into the field of grass taking over the Tremortusk and then firing it at an fierce Thunderjaw is a stunning spectacle. When playing the Horizon games, you’re tiny, vulnerable, and vulnerable in a dangerous and unstable world. Nothing is quite like watching gigantic robotic dinosaurs take each other apart in front of your eyes.


Horizon Forbidden West is not free of issues. It’s sometimes like a form-over-function game with traversal and movement being the most frequent problem. However, in spite of this, it all comes together to form an impressive, cohesive whole. When Forbidden West performs, it’s an absolute masterpiece and is at the top on the scale. It’s just unfortunate that it’s not always on its most effective foot forward.

The real success of the developer lies its portrayal of Forbidden West’s character. Zero Dawn didn’t need a sequel, but the time spent with the game’s cast is more than numerous impressive battle scenes or stunning scenery. The scale and the visuals are never boring but beneath all that plating, the most lasting impression is a personal story about reconnecting with the things that matter in our lives – the people who surround us.

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