Halo Infinite Players Are Obsessed With the New Spartan Cat Ear Helmet Attachment

Halo Infinite Players Are Obsessed With the New Spartan Cat Ear Helmet Attachment

Although Halo: Infinite‘s campaign could be about Master Chief saving the galaxy from a threat far greater than anything it’s seen and its multiplayer is the home of Meowster Chief as an Spartan cat ear helmet is available from the game’s online store.

Halo Infinite players who jump into the game’s in-game store will be welcomed with an “Cat Lovers” bundle worth 1,000 Credits ($8.99 USD) which includes the Faded Blush Epic Armor Coating Tabby Rare Charm, Tabby Rare Charm as well as the Kat Epic Charm, and the most important item that is the Purrfect audio epic helmet attachment.

This attachment adds adorable cat ears on the top of any helmet under the Mark VII Armor Core and the internet has, rightfully so, quickly fallen in love with it. @its_kiingah even thinks it is “the best thing Halo made.”

@m4boo_ believes that a full crew of these “cat girls” are even “more horrific than the entirety of flood.” Honestly, who are we to disagree?

The cat ears are only available until the Halo Infinite store update on the 28th of December at 10am PT/ 1pm ET/ 6pm GMT and cat owners all over the world will need to act quickly for the chance to secure this important piece of equipment. There’s a good possibility that it will be available in the near future however, are you prepared to wait this long to move an inch closer to acquiring full Meowjolnir’s armor?

If you require any further proof, @neokitsch_ shows us how you can pair these cat ears with Vermillion The Fire legendary Armor Coating for 299 credits ($17.99) to turn into an animal equivalent from Iron Man, and who would not want that?

While you’ll definitely appear stunning with these ears, keep in mind that they don’t make you look more sneaky than an actual cat. Always keep an eye on your back when fighting or you’ll waste one of your lives due to the clever work of the likes of @flairwing.

If that’s not enough cosmetic beauty for you, Halo Infinite’s WInter Contingency event is in full swing and provides an opportunity for Spartan to win festive rewards on just in time to celebrate the most delightful season in the calendar.

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