Guillermo del Toro Doesn’t Think He’ll Ever Develop a Game Againv

Oscar-winning Director Guillermo del Toro, who was once a part of Konami’s Silent Hills project along with Hideo Kojima has said the director doesn’t believe he’ll ever attempt to create an entirely new game.

According to GameSpot, del Toro was interviewed in his own Happy Sad Confused podcast and stated that he had not been involved in any projects related to Silent Hill. The question was asked following del Toro made an appearance at The Game Awards 2021 and joked that he liked the direction of art in Silent Hill and hoped that we’d all be getting an update soon.

The manner in which he communicated the message led to many believing the man knew more than he claimed however it appears that it’s not true which means that del Toro may be done exploring the world of video games… at least for the moment.

Although he says he likes the concept of gaming “as an opportunity to tell stories,” he doesn’t think that he “would make games again, because he’sthe video game’s albatross gaming.”

Del Toro said these same words in 2015 and it seems that he has not changed his pledge.

Although it’s not the kind of news that those who admire del Toro’s work might wish to be hearing, he certainly offered a few ideas about the cancelled Silent Hills project he was previously working on with Kojima.

“It’s simply one of the things in my life that doesn’t make sense,” del Toro said about Silent Hills’ cancellation. “I sort of wanted to get the bones of Konami as I’m not understanding. It was perfect. What we planned to accomplish was absolutely captivating.”

Silent Hills It was revealed after the launch of P.T., a frightening experience in the game that, after completion it was revealed as a teaser trailer for the game, which would be directed by del Toro and Kojima and would be starring the Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus.

The game was never to be released, and Konami would remove P.T. out of PlayStation Store in 2015. PlayStation Store in 2015.

The trio comprised of del Toro, Kojima, and Reedus were not able to produce Silent Hills, they all collaborated in Kojima Productions’ Death Stranding. Reedus was the main character in the game as del Toro lent his likeness to the character he dubbed Deadman.

Before the Konami controversy, del Toro was previously involved in Insane to Saints Row developer Volition, but the survival horror game failed to cross the finishing line.

There were many rumors of the possibility of a future Silent Hill game, no concrete details have been made public. But, Silent Hill creator Keiichiro Toyama has announced a brand new survival horror title named Slitterhead in The Game Awards 2021 which appears to be as terrifying as the previous games previously released by the creator of the game.

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