GTA Online reveals custom Ocelot Ardent as this week’s Car Meet Prize

GTA Online reveals custom Ocelot Ardent as this week’s Car Meet Prize

Now is the time to check out GTA Online’s Ocelot Ardent, currently part of the Prize Ride Challenge.

Players can now demonstrate their driving skills at the LS Car Meet since the Los Santos Tuners update. Every week, Rockstar Games brings new challenges to fans hoping to win a free car. The Ardent is now the subject of a dedicated GTA Online page. It’s a sports classic that has been around for a long time.

Prize Ride Challenges include a set of objectives that must be accomplished in just a week. During this time, GTA Online maintains track of the gamer’s current progress. They will get an accessible vehicle once they have finished the challenge. The Ardent is a classic coupe that can bring over a million dollars. The Prize Ride Challenge this week for GTA Online users can save a lot of money.

At the LS Car Meet every week, there has a fresh Prize Ride Challenge. If they finish the objectives, players will get a free car. Of course, they must first attain a $50,000 membership.

Each challenge must be finished in a unique time frame. Throughout the game, Gamers must be put in the first ranks. GTA Online does maintain track of progress with a daily timer for the sake of convenience.

The Interaction Menu is used to access Prize Ride Challenges. The Ocelot Ardent, which is usually $1,150,000, is currently available through GTA Online. The current stipulation for this week’s Prize Ride Challenge is as is:

“Prove yourself on the street racing circuit by placing in the Top 4 in 8 different LS Car Meet Series races.”

Users can connect to the Race Organizer in the LS Car Meet or search for icons on the map. This is where they can finish these tasks for GTA Online.

The Ocelot Ardent is a weapons-laden sports classic. It can hit 117.75 miles per hour in terms of top speed. This is based on correct findings from YouTuber Broughy1322. It’s one of the quickest vehicles in its class.

The swift acceleration offered by GTA Online players will undoubtedly be appreciated. Within a few seconds, the Ardent will be where it has to be. A pair of machine guns, as well as proper handling and braking, are also added.

Rockstar will also offer away a unique livery, Deck the Halls, as a special bonus. Users will get an Ocelot Ardent with this color scheme once they have completed the Prize Ride Challenge. Long after the holidays are over, gamers will get to get their slow Christmas present. The new livery captures the winter season’s upbeat spirit. Of course, players can always switch it to something else at the last minute.

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