GTA 6 is Officially Confirmed By Rockstar Games

GTA 6 is Officially Confirmed By Rockstar Games

After several years of speculation and speculation, Rockstar has confirmed it’s developing a brand game called Grand Theft Auto game, and has said that it’s “well underway”.

In a press release that was released, an official from the Rockstar Group wrote Rockstar spokesperson said:

“With the unbeatable longevity of GTAV We know that there are many players looking for the possibility of a new game within GTAV’s Grand Theft Auto series. Every new project we begin the goal is to be a step ahead of the previous offerings We are delighted to announce that the development for the next game within the Grand Theft Auto series is in full swing. We’ll share more details as soon as we’re prepared, so keep an eye on Rockstar Newswire for updates. Rockstar Newswire for official details.

On behalf of the whole team, we would like to appreciate your continued support. We can’t wait to start the new chapter with you! “

Clonotech said it was reported that GTA 6 – if that is what it will be dubbed it was being developed in 2020 however, it was still a long way from a release. The game is said to be released in 2024 or 2025.

For the game the game itself, Rockstar isn’t saying any further at this time, or making any promises about when the game cansay more. The reports previously mentioned that GTA 6’s first version of GTA 6 could be smaller than GTA 5, with modifications to build upon the game over time. There are reports that suggest GTA 6 will return to an evocative Miami-style Vice City setting, and certain fans believe Rockstar sneaked a debut image in GTA 6 in the GTA Trilogy remasters.

The year before, Rockstar patented a new method of NPC navigation that, according to some, could be implemented in the coming GTA. The system was designed to provide more realistic traffic patterns that will result in more real-life road users with a focus on being useful in the context of a “multiplayer network gaming community.”

It will be the very first contemporary GTA game that was released following the departure of Rockstar co-founder Dan Houser, who contributed to the writing of all games in the GTA games from 2 to 5 and also games from the Red Dead series, Bully Max Payne 3 and Bully Max Payne 3. The brother of Dan Houser, Sam Houser, remains on the project.

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