God of War PC Players are Downloading Skip Intro Mod, But Why?

God of War PC Players are Downloading Skip Intro Mod, But Why?

God of War‘s eagerly anticipated launch on PC is being received like the one we expected. It was previously a PlayStation exclusive action game has been on Steam’s top sellers list since its release on the 14th of January. The popularity in the game God of War on PC has coincided with an intriguing trend as PC gamers begin to select early mods specifically for the game. A mod that is among the top well-known God of War mods is an interesting one that is perhaps not surprising. God of War players modify their game in a manner to bypass this game’s PlayStation introduction sequence.

With less than 5k downloads, the “Skip PlayStation Intro Video on Startup” mod is God of War‘s second most downloaded mod in just one week after it was released. Its description is straightforward in that it “Skips PlayStation Video, makes the game launch faster!” that’s exactly the thing it accomplishes. God of War has an unskippable intro video when gamers start the game. The video features it with the PlayStation logo as a standard feature by publishers in a majority of PC games. The mod cuts out this video or, at the very least is blacked out up to the point that God of War is ready to launch the main menu.

It is possible to ask why players have to mow down their game to get rid of the unobtrusive features. The answer is that it is with modding PC games as it’s simple and can be done. This PlayStation intro video is only a few minutes however if it can be removed in a similar manner by a mod, then obviously PC gamers will take it off.

It raises the question of the reason PlayStation did not offer players to bypass video intros on the PlayStation introduction video at the beginning. This could be due to the fact that such videos aren’t often available, if ever, on consoles. It’s possible that the PlayStation logo and the loading sound is a common feature for PlayStation players regardless of generation. Although it’s a brand new system, but there’s nothing to cause PlayStation to disrupt the established pattern.

As mentioned, it’s been noted that the PlayStation intro-skip mod ranks the second-most sought-after on NexusMods. The top mod is dubbed”the “Ultimate God of War Modded Starter Save” and is much more absurd that the skipping PlayStation intro mode. The Ultimate mod alters Kratos’ appearance and removes his wrist and chest armor purely “because it looks cool.”

There are already hundreds of mods available for God of War on PC that go beyond those that use the PlayStation intro skip as well as the The Ultimate Kratos mod. There are major graphics mods that improve all aspects of the game. There are also small adjustments relating to fog or translation support as well as save edits of any types, and much many more. God of War might have taken a few years to be released on PC however PC gamers have been eager and waiting. As the PlayStation skips show that they’re not likely to spend any more time waiting around for the game to be played.

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