Fortnite: How to Get Feathers and What They’re Used for

Fortnite: How to Get Feathers and What They're Used for

Fortnite is always adding new content to players to explore including gameplay mechanics, POIs, LTMs, and much more. This is particularly relevant to items in the game and one of them was just recently added Feathers.

Epic Games’ enduringly popular Battle Royale, a free to play game, is in its very debut season in the new Chapter 3, which introduces an entirely new island and an ever-growing number of new content. Fortnite is currently rolling out with the v19.20 update which includes Feathers, a new item, in addition to numerous other important elements of new content.

How to Get Feathers in Fortnite

Fortnite has added Feathers to the game as the latest item, however certain players may be confused as to where to find the item, or even the purpose for which they’re being used. Feathers can be used to unlock a variety of masks that are available for Haven the latest of the season’s Battle Pass skins which has been locked since the latest update. The Feathers are available in chests throughout the island, which means that players naturally earn them as they take part in. Fortnite‘s Feathers are used as the currency used to purchase Haven’s Masks However, every mask comes with a second obligation that players must know about.

How to Get Haven’s Masks in Fortnite

To be able for Fortnite gamers to acquire Haven’s masks They’ll need more than enough Feathers in addition to having be able to finish a mission that is related to the specific kind of mask. For instance, fishing can unlock cat masks. Foraging for food unlocks deer masks, and gliding unlocks owl masks and so on. There are numerous masks that you can unlock, however most mask quests are quite easy to complete, which means players won’t have to be spending hours working. The system in Haven’s masks is similar to previous seasons’ Battle Pass. earlier Season’s Battle Pass with Toona Fish.

Alongside Feathers, Fortnite‘s 19.20 update includes an overhauled Heavy Shotgun and the new Covert Cavern POI, where there is a Mythic Stinger SMG is located. The content that’s new isn’t the only thing to be added this week however. It’s also worth noting that the FortniteCrew pack for February has been revealed with a rave-infused Skeletal named Aftermath. With a color-coordinated costume and a skull that looks like a disco ball in gold The character comes in various styles including an edgier masked-and-hooded look and one that exposes his glowing skull. The flatline back Bling is sure to become very popular, as it functions as an odometer when the wearer makes a gesture.

There isn’t any way to unlock all Haven’s Masks experienced players will be able to unlock those that are appealing to players. But, collecting Feathers could be more challenging in the near future, since a recent leak suggests that a massive tank vehicle may be being planned for Fortnite..

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