FNAF Security Breach: How to Use Stack of Boxes to Find Freddy in Raceway Sub Lobby

FNAF Security Breach: How to Use Stack of Boxes to Find Freddy in Raceway Sub Lobby

After having escaped the Lost and Found in Five Nights at Freddy’s security breach players must take an elevator to access the Atrium. Once they reach the location the players will be told to utilize a pile of boxes to locate Freddy inside the Raceway sub lobby, although the exact location of the boxes isn’t explicitly stated within the game. If you have difficulty getting to the Raceway sub-lobby within the game Five Nights At Freddy’s Security breach This guide will aid you.

FNAF Security Breach: Use Stack of Boxes to Find Freddy in Raceway Sub Lobby

Once a user gets off the elevator they took towards the Atrium the player should go to the left and walk. This will take them to to Five Nights At Freddy’sfans through an area for saving that is located situated on the wall to the left-hand side along with a few bots that patrol. When you get there, the players who go on this path will find an enormous red rollup door with blue stars to their left. There is a Sodaroni-themed sign over the door.

The entrance to this rollup door will cause it to rise some distance, and the players must be able to crawl and duck underneath it as they wish. When they reach the opposite end of the doors the survival horror game players must continue on the same path until they come across an enormous crate as well as a yellow forklift. Then, players should make a 90-degree turn to the left, and they’ll be able to find the boxes that are mentioned in this mission’s objective just few steps ahead of them.

The only thing left to do is to jump up towards the highest point of the boxes, then turn 90 ° to the left and then fall into the gap in the wall. Fans need to change 90 degrees to the left before descending the stairs to reach an open space. Freddy is sitting on the ground in the room, and coming close to him triggers an unintentional dialogue that will mark the end of this task within the film Five Nights At Freddy’s The Security Break.

This is definitely not the final mission of the game, players who wish to make it to the finish line of the game FNAF Security Breach have plenty to accomplish. As they travel on their quest and progress through their journey, they could encounter various other goals that can prove to be a bit difficult to understand. The absence of waypoints within this game makes certain missions difficult, and players might require further assistance in the course of their journey.

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