Firegirl: Hack ‘n Splash Rescue Review

Let’s know some Firegirl: Hack ‘n Splash Rescue Review. Maybe that’s a deliberate move. I’ve never been a firefighter , however I’m quite sure it’s in the same league as some of the most difficult jobs available. But the problems you’ll encounter during Firegirl don’t precisely correspond to what your average firefighter could face. The smoldering buildings that are ablaze, erupting around you, don’t pose an issue to say. It’s unlikely that you’ll suffer from inhaling smoke. If you’re aware of you, the majority of individual fires shouldn’t pose a problem as well. The only exception is one fireball that gets you by surprise. Which is your most feared enemy is the timer, as well as your poor jump speed.

Finegirl rescue review

Firegirl Hack ‘n’ Splash Rescue plays out on an 2D plane, and even though the 3D world you’re in may have a functioning staircase ahead of you, you’re not able to utilize it. The only way to get between floors is to find an opening in the floor and jumping through it. By jumping and activating the hose, you’ll be able to propel yourself up. That’s at least the theory. Sometimes, it’s a great idea and propels your Firegirl across the sky and landing on the above platform without any issues. Sometimes, she’s not close to where she should be. The timing and the momentum is essential, and more difficult to do than it is.

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It’s likely that you’ll get dehydrated when trying to get between platforms, leaving you with no place to move. When you go through the doors, most of them engulfed by flames too massive for you to manage which is why you’re able to only continue moving towards the next one. However, if you’re not able to find water and you have to move uphill, you’re bound to be buried in the same spot you’re standing. It’s hard to be the Firegirl. Even if you’re not stuck without water, you’ll have to be attentive to the timer; you’ve only got a short amount of time and, often, there’s an exit that’s not visible in the time you’re desperate for one.

If everything is going smoothly however, Firegirl can become thrilling. There’s no way to predict what’s likely to be waiting in front of any door. Cut your way through, and you’ll be confronted with an army of fire-breathing enemies, or perhaps there’ll be somebody waiting to be saved. The ultimate goal is what you’re seeing: rescue everyone who is trapped in a building that is burning (and any cats that you see in the process) Then, get out yourself. Fighting fires, staying clear of burning flames and navigating flames-filled corridors is thrilling. It’s also helped the fact that Firegirl has an attractive style of art that places 2D animated sprites against an impressive 3D backdrop. It’s an extremely enjoyable game to play.

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Earn money while you play The Firegirl Hack and Splash Rescue. Thankfully, even failure, you’ll earn an amount of money to use to upgrade your equipment. Equipment, health, and hose upgrades are all available to give you better resistance, the ability to hold more water and the ability to take you further. This last option is especially helpful considering the issues we’ve had regarding the boost jump mechanism but it’s not enough to solve the problem completely.

There’s a lot you can love regarding Firegirl however it’s not without its flaws. There’s no doubt that you’ll smile with joy when you are fortunate enough to be able to complete a race having saved all the survivors. But you’re bound to encounter insurmountable difficulties most of the time which can bring your experience with this game to halt. Constantly improving Firegirl‘s abilities definitely aids, but the game’s mechanics require a little adjustment before it’s fun as much as it ought to be.

Our Rating
Decent 60%

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