Final Fantasy 14 Changes Sage Class Icon Becuase of Trypophobia Concerns

Final Fantasy 14 Changes Sage Class Icon Becuase of Trypophobia Concerns

Square Enix changed the icon for the Sage job in Final Fantasy XIV, after some players expressed concern about trypophobia.

Final Fantasy 14 Changes Sage Class Icon Becuase of Trypophobia Concerns

Trypophobia refers to the fear or aversion of bumps or irregularly shaped clusters of holes or bumps. Three holes were placed together in the original Sage job icon. This made some people uncomfortable.

“When we released new details for Sage and Reaper on the special site, we also included their icons, not thinking that they were particularly big reveals,” FFXIV producer and director Naoki Yoshida said in a new blog post. We received feedback quickly from players around the globe, who said that the Sage icon made their fearful or uncomfortable.

Yoshida stated that trypophobia can affect people differently. One image, such as the Sage icon, may not cause someone’s trypophobia.

Yoshida says that despite these differences, Yoshida has given him his honest feedback and there is still time to make changes. We’ve decided to redesign the sage symbol, taking into account the fact that job icons are prominently displayed in the game and also on merchandise.

Final fantasy 14 logo trypophobia:


   final fantasy 14 logo trypophobia

Although the original icon was almost identical to the one above, the three pillar-like symbols had holes in them. You can check it out in a side-by-side comparison to the new one at this Reddit link if you’re curious about the change. Yoshida stated that the design concept behind this icon is unchanged.

Yoshida stated that the design concept was unchanged and the icon is based on four nouliths that make up the sage’s armament. “The holes in the original design were created for detail but ended up appearing as one cluster. The new icon addresses the problem by reducing the number of holes and enhancing the design concept.

Yoshida stated that there will be inevitable comparisons. Some players may prefer the original icon. However, the team believes that designs such as the Sage icon can grow on players while they do the job.

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