Far cry 6 – things you need to know

Far cry 6 - things you need to know

Ubisoft revealed Far Cry 6 gameplay on their official youtube channel. We find out information about Far cry 6 gameplay, about our main protagonist, and the storyline. In this blog, we will talk about Far cry 6 – things you need to know But before that, if you don’t see our previous blog about Far cry gameplay reveal, go ahead and check it out.

Far cry 6 – things you need to know


Who are you?

Your name will be Dani Rojas. You are a guerrilla. In the journey, you will meet with other guerrillas and black market dealers. You will fight against Antón Castillo the main villain. You will fight for revenge, for family, for war, for control, for Yara, for truth, for power for victory for freedom


There are a total of 49 weapons available. The weapons are fully customizable. Some of these are normal, like SKS, Ak47, snipers, etc. There are some different types of guns called “Resolvers.” These guns look so different from other guns. These guns are hand-built. They are flame guns, Silent nail guns, Emp grenades, a Mini Gun created with motorcycle parts, a vinyl record that plays macarena, etc. There are some other interesting mechanisms like the healing animation.

After the weapon, we have “Supremo.” Supremo backpacks. Now Far Cry has super moves with the upgradeable backpack. This is a mixed combination of Far Cry and Just cause😄😄. Some of these backpacks have a mortar launcher and also a rocket jump. There are also pets available, including guapo, the alligator who can chew your enemies, and chorizo who distract your enemies, which helps you commit silent madras.


There is a wide range of transportation like horses and aging cars. With this, players can build a Mad Max style technical car with all kinds of weapons like rocket launchers and Miniguns. You can also hi-jack tanks.


You will find many usual activities like taking checkpoints and outposts, Stomping around the jungles and finding loots, hiding weapons, etc.

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