Epic games new mystery game

So, finally, we have gotten a new mystery game on Epic games. Here we got among us for free and discount on other games. In this blog, we will talk about Epic games new mystery game

What are mystery games?

Mystery games are Epic games. In this event they give many paid games for free. Last year they gave GTA V for free. This year the event comes again. I will continue for 4 weeks. And this is the second week.

Our new mystery game is Among Us. And we got discount on other games like Assassins Creed Valhalla, Cyberpunk, GTA V etc.

Epic games new mystery game

Among Us

Epic games new mystery game

Among us is now for free on Epic games store. Among us is a multiplayer game. You can play with your friends. In every match, you will get an imposter who can kill everyone. If you find him then you can get him out from the match. And you will win. But if Imposter kills everyone then you will lose the game. The imposter has many secret tunnels only he can access these tunnels. And in-game you need to solve puzzles also.

Overall this game is amazing and some time ago this game was very popular. Many streamers played this game.

Among us is an interesting game but it is only for $2. Anyone can buy this. In the 1st week, we got NBA 2K21. Which is around $44. So, Among Us is a very cheap game as NBA 2K21. People are thinking about Tomb Raider. Because some time ago Fortnite created a crossover event with Tomb Raider. And the same thing happens with NBA 2K21. And Tomb Raider games are not available in the Epic games store. And NBA 2K21 is also not available on the Epic games store before it comes on mystery games.

 Games on discounts
  • The KINGDOM HEARTS Series | Save 33%
  • Assassins Creed Vallhalla | Save 20%
  • Cyberpunk | Save 20%
  • GTA V | Save 45%

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