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In contrast to Epic Games Storeusers typically can expect a fresh assortment of games for free every Thursday and Friday, the Epic Games Store mystery game promotion is in full swing. This means that fans will be able to play a free game every day starting at 10 AM CT and not just on Thursdays. This means that EGS will give away fifteen free games to commemorate the 2021 year’s end and the holiday season.

The campaign began this morning when the very first game to be free on the Epic Games Store was confirmed to be Shenmue 3.. This game is a kickstarted action-adventure trilogy where players must find a way to avenge their father’s murder. Despite its acclaim Kickstarter launch, the game faced some issues and was able to earn unpopular reviews at Metacritic. Today, Epic Games Store has confirmed the second mystery game for free that will be available until the 18th of December at 10am.

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In today’s game of the day, Epic Games Store is giving the chance to win Neon Abyss. Neon Abyss also has a mixed Metacritic score, and is a roguelike action dungeon crawling game. Neon Abyss is very active with its features, offering an upgradeable dungeon that includes different endings, new items and more. It also has item synergies to keep players interested as well as more than 500 items including 100 bosses and monsters and a myriad of hidden secrets and much more.

It even goes a step further from other roguelike games such as Hades to feature egg hatching and pets, plenty of mini-games in unique rooms, multiplayer playable characters, and unique neon gods. Moreover, Epic Games Store also took it a step further for tomorrow’s free game than it did yesterday with Neon Abyss for today. Neon Abyss could have been anything, making it impossible to speculate or guess what it could be. This time around, the wrapping paper for the third mystery game features a tease for what the game is.

As seen above, it seems that there is a unique-looking tree on the wrapping paper. It’s still anyone’s guess but it’s a lot more limited than Neon Abyss was. It seems leading, early speculation is that the third Epic Games Store free mystery game will be Don’t Starve/Don’t Starve Together. Of course, it could still be something else entirely, but fans will be able to know tomorrow. They’ll also want to be sure they download Neon Abyss before it rotates out tomorrow, December 18, at 10 am.

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