Destiny 2 Players Are Having to Accept a Performance Hit Because of Cheaters

Destiny 2 Players

Just like many other online multiplayer games, Bungie is constantly fighting a battle to stop players cheating in Destiny 2 in order to gain an advantage. The latest anti-cheat solution by Bungie is expected to negatively impact the game’s performance.

Bungie revealed in the latest Destiny 2 Security Update that it will be adding BattleEye anti-cheat to the game as part update 3.3.0. BattleEye runs alongside the game, and it uses “sophisticated detector routines” to provide protection and monitoring on-the-fly. Bungie has yet to activate this feature as it wants to verify accuracy on a larger scale. Automatic banning will be available before Trials of Osiris PvP content launches on September 10.

Although cheating is less common, it is good news for Destiny 2 players. However, this can cause noticeable performance drops. Bungie explains that anti-cheat solutions need additional system resources. You may notice a reduction in frame rates and performance when Update 3.3.0 is live. This new service will increase the initial startup time of the game.

If you have a powerful gaming system, this shouldn’t cause any concern. However, if your laptop or PC is just capable of running the game smoothly, it could be enough to ruin the experience and give you the perfect excuse to upgrade.


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