Dead Island 2 Could Launch Later This Year, According To Insider

Dead Island 2 Could Launch Later This Year, According To Insider

Dead Island 2 is being developed for the past eight years , and has had numerous studios working on the game throughout this time. However, it could be getting near to launching, according to an insider Tom Henderson.

The first report was made via VGC, Henderson stated in a video posted via YouTube the fact that Dead Island 2 is still developing and is currently in “a decent state.” He follows with a claim it is possible that Dead Island 2 could be revealed in the near future, followed with “some kind of gameplay trailer.”

Henderson asserts it is possible that Dead Island 2 will also have an official release date in Q4 2022. However, it could be delayed to 2023 if issues in development occur. There have been reports suggesting that Dead Island 2 will completely ignore PS4 or Xbox One, with the game’s developers deciding to concentrate on the next generation consoles instead.

He also offers some possible plot points for Dead Island 2, claiming that players will embark on an aircraft before it is attacked by zombies, and then crashes in Hollywood, Los Angeles, one of three locations to be part of the game. Another location is believed to include San Francisco while the third location is not yet known.

Although Henderson does not name one of the people he quotes, he’s thought to be one of the most trustworthy industry insiders providing crucial information on both the Battlefield as well as Call of Duty franchises. It’s safe to use this information with a grain of salt however, Henderson is certainly more reliable than the other insiders.

If you’ve been watching Dead Island 2 ever since it was first announced in 2014 will have noticed that the development team has changed hands several times. The game was initially announced by Yager Studios at the helm before being removed from the game and replaced by Sumo Digital. The game was later taken down and changed by the current developer Dambuster Studios.

The development of the game during this time was certainly not easy But it seems like Dead Island 2 could finally be heading out the front door. We’re hoping for the best.

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