BGMI India Series tournament announced with Rs 1 crore prize pool

BGMI India Series tournament announced

Krafton launched Battlegrounds Mobile India at the start of this month . Now, Krafton has announced the first official tournament. Although rumors were circulating about an official tournament, the informal tournaments were the first ones to start.

According to the social media accounts from BGMI, Battleground Mobile India Series is now the official tournament for Krafton’s game. According to leaked information, this new tournament will offer a total prize pool worth Rs 1 crore.

During the BGMI Launch Party on Facebook the company announced that the Esports roadmap for Battlegrounds Mobile India would be published on July 15. The logo for the tournament has been teased by social media accounts. Details will be revealed tomorrow.

According to Gamzo, the upcoming BGMI India Series 2021 will be an all-inclusive tournament. The tournament’s in-game qualifiers will begin on August 2, and will be followed up by multiple online qualifying stages. The qualifiers are only open to players who have reached the Platinum Tier.

According to the report, the winner of the Rs 1 crore prize pool will receive Rs 50 lakhs and the third place will get Rs 10 lakhs. These will be in addition to individual prizes, such as the India Series MVP receiving Rs 1 lakh, Most kills by a team with Rs 50,000, Longest shot at Rs 50,000, and two unspecified prizes of Rs 50,000.

These details are still not official so we advise readers to use this information with the usual caveats. The official details will soon be available, so don’t wait too long.

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