Battlefield Mobile Release Date

On APR 22, 2021 Electronics arts shared a post on their official website of Battlefield. In that post, they have shared some news about the update of Battlefield Game this month. They also shared that the biggest Team of Battlefield is working on this project and in the second part of the content, they have shared that they are working on a Mobile Game of Battlefield. We tried to share the Battlefield Mobile release date.

With this, they had shared some news about this project. Firstly they tolled to not compare this game with the pc games of the battlefield because this is a completely different game designed specifically for mobile and tablets. So don’t aspect the same graphic and gameplay which we had got from the PC Battlefield Game.

With this, they have said that “It’s always been our vision to bring Battlefield to more platforms”. And they also said that we will get the game in 2022.

So, we can say EA games taking mobile gaming seriously. And Battlefield mobile is the perfect example of this.

What can come in Battlefield mobile?

Battlefield is a very popular franchise in pc and consoles. So, we can expect the next level gameplay from Battlefield mobile. In the PC & Console versions of Battlefield we got storyline and multiplayer mode. But here is a question that, Is storyline and multiplayer mode both come in Battlefield mobile. This is not confirmed but I don’t think so, That storyline and multiplayer both modes will come in Battlefield mobile. Because If they add these both modes then their game will be very big, Almost 5-8 Gb. Because EA don’t add a simple storyline or they will not make a low graphic game. And nowadays battle royale was very famous so they can release a battle royale game.

So let’s see what will happen with Battlefield Mobile. Hope you enjoyed this blog. And don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest gaming and technology updates.


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