Battlefield 6 Release Date

The upcoming Battlefield game will not be called Battlefield 6, it will only be called “Battlefield”. Any type of sub name will not add to this game. You can learn about Battlefield 6 release date in this blog

Some leaks had comes of new battlefield game. The most interesting thing is that this game timeline will be based after 10 years. So there will come some futuristic weapons, gadgets and the environment is also will be futuristic. The settings of this game will be different from the old battlefield game.

The sad thing is most of the gamers will not satisfy from the first trailer to the next Battlefield game. Because the first trailer will be based on CGI it means we will not get any gameplay on the first trailer. The same thing had happened on previous battlefield. In Battlefield 5 we had not got any type of gameplay in the first trailer. But if EA changes their plan then we can get little big gameplay on the first trailer of the upcoming Battlefield game. But according to leaks, we will not get any gameplay in the first trailer of the next Battlefield game.

EA game said about the next Battlefield game that the storyline will be different and more interesting from the old Battlefield game. We will also get many characters in next battlefield game and the interesting thing is that every character will have the different ability like one character had the ability of assault which mean he can combat properly and one character had the ability of silent killer which mean he can kill silently properly.

The destruction quality of battlefield game will be the next level. You can destroy everything and for this reason, most of the chance is that the next game of Battlefield will not work in cross-platform because if EA games want to launch the game on old generation console then they want to make the game lighter because the old generation console cannot handle this game. To make this game lighter they want to decrease the graphic level destruction level and much more. So the chance of launching the next battlefield game is 100 of 1%

Here is the prediction of the system requirement of the next Battlefield game :

  • Memory: 8GB
  • Graphics card: Nvidia GeForce GTC 1070
  • CPU: INTEL CORE i5-3570k
  • OS: WINDOWS 10

The release date is not confirmed but according to leaks it will launch in Xbox game pass day 1 and the first trailer will come in may month. Please tell us that do you excited about the next Battlefield game.

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