Back 4 Blood’s December Update, Out Now

Back 4 Blood’s December Update

present, lets players play the zombie shooter’s Solo mode in offline mode.

It might not seem like something to be concerned about, particularly when you’ve played Turtle Rock Studios’ previous zombie-themed shooter The Left 4 Dead. It was however a bit disappointing even though you players could be playing Back 4 Blood in a single player mode, you had to be online , and your progress was not carried over in the same manner as a multiplayer games.

The patch that’s out right now, addresses that issue and also includes rotating retailers that offer limited-time products. You’ve guessed it that it’s Santa caps and reindeer antlers everywhere, but we’re hoping that we’ll come across the fully animated dead Father Christmas.

back 4 blood trailer official

Are these tweaks enough in giving the Back 4 Blood the kick in the right direction it requires? Perhaps not, but while we would have liked the offline solo mode to be available right from the start however, it wasn’t our main issue in the game. As we mentioned when we reviewed the game, Back 4 Blood tends to simply shoot zombies at you, with special zombies with special zombies. The Left 4 Dead however, on the other hand , allowed you some breathing space, and it’s a good thing, because it can be quite tense.

B4B’s free update for December is now available across PC, Xbox and PlayStation and should automatically download every time you play online playing the game.

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