Apex Legends players lost for words after EA posts Mirage ‘booty’ pic

While Apex Legends Season 12 draws ever closer, EA has decided to provide players with something they’d never thought they required… an extremely humorous image of Mirage performing.

A lot of Mirage principals are in arms during the build-up to the next major update to the game after Mad Maggie’s abilities were proven. One of her skills, in particular was on the line of fire.

It’s been speculated Maggie’s passive power that Ire, which is the weapon of Warlord Ire, will disrupt her opponent’s skills in creating replicas. Some suggest that Maggie being in a position to track enemies after they’ve vanished behind covers is yet another way to defeat The Holographic Trickster.

In the wake of Mirage’s ineffectiveness There’s no doubt that his fans might need a boost prior to S12.

Apex Legends: EA posts funny Mirage photo

While players in the Apex Legends Community was in its seats, eagerly awaiting the Season 12 Patch notes to arrive in the near future, the good people from the EA Spain team took the decision to upload an image of Mirage making an own drop.

In what was definitely the most unexpected tweet to come out of EA’s Twitter accounts on February 7, the picture displayed a close-up shot of Mirage’s rear.

The message reads: “Don’t say anything, just Retweet …”

The tweet was later deleted, however this was the image it was attached to:

Tweet reactions: Apex Legends players

As you would think, a flurry of messages was swiftly received from fans with differing opinions on the post that was a surprise.

Dexerto’s personal Apex news site, AlphaIntel, said: “EA are you good?”

Another one said: “Spain EA built different!”

Another user laughed: “I can never explain the presence of this picture in my gallery.”

100 Thieves creator of content NiceWigg wrote: “Oh man someone is awakening unhappy over this. I, on the other hand, am extremely content with this.”

The majority of the people who are in the threads will have woken up anticipating to learn more details regarding Apex Legends Season 12. Apex Legends season 12 patch, of which we know will include the Crypto buff and Caustic nerf and other improvements.

However, the players were met by a pleasant surprise, coming from one of the least likely sources the most unlikely of sources: EA themselves.

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