All New Vehicles in GTA 5 ‘The Contract’ Update

All New Vehicles in GTA 5 'The Contract' Update

Bravado Buffalo STX

It is available via the ‘Southern Andreas Super-Autos’ web site and the Bravado Buffalo STX is a Muscle class car. It is equipped with a fast top speed and a similarly powerful acceleration, but at the cost of the power of braking. It is available for purchase with a base cost at 1 612,500 dollars.

Pfister Astron

It is available on the ‘Legendary Motor Website The Pfister Astron sports an SUV that has impressive speed and grip. It’s priced with a base cost at 15,000 dollars.

Lampadati Cinquemila

The Lampadati Cinquemila is a very strong Sedan class car that is accessible via the ‘Legendary Motor’ website. It’s available for purchase for sale at a starting amount at 1,740,000.

Pegassi Ignus

The fastest car in the DLC The Pegassi Ignus has nearly maxed out “Top Speed” and “Acceleration” bars. It’s accessible via the ‘Legendary Motor website and priced for purchase at a starting pricing that is $2.765 million.

Enus Jubilee

Another SUV-class car is it’s the Enus Jubilee is a durable car that is available to purchase on the ‘Legendary Racing website with a starting amount of $1,237,500 when you trade it in the vehicle, or $1,650,000 if you buy the vehicle for yourself.

Enus Deity

Another Sedan class car The Enus Deity is available for purchase on the ‘Legendary Motor site. It is available for purchase at $1,383,750 with a trade or $1,845,000 when you buy the vehicle outright.

Dewbauchee Champion

A Supercar class car that is the Dewbauchee Champion is comparable to the statistics of Pfister and Lampadati and is accessible via the ‘Legendary Motor website. It is priced at $2,246,250..

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