7 Things that Elden Ring Doesn’t Tell You

Elden Ring marks From Software’s first foray into an Open-World game. While it might appear a little more lenient than the Souls series, there’s still a lot that’s not given to players. You’ll need to figure for these easily missed areas for yourself, or look up the list of things Elden Ring Doesn’t Tell You.

Making the Most of Your Mount

Simply becoming more powerful isn’t explained in detail when you begin your journey, even although you’ll discover it later through activating three places of grace in the world and taking a rest. If you get to meet Melina who is a spectral steed, she will just let you exchange runes for more stats, but also provide you with the spectral horse, Torrent.

It can be helpful for much more than traveling around the world It’s also a good idea to know some things you need to be aware of while using your favorite horse:

Once mounted, you’ll take aside your left-hand armament and instead, use the right and left bumpers as well as trigger buttons to perform swift or powerful attacks on either. It’s still possible to make spells or bows, but you’ll need change to use two hands instead of using a catalyst from the opposite hand. Also, you won’t be able to stop attacks or avoid roll. You’ll have to jump twice instead.

Torrent doesn’t sprint like you do on foot. Instead, pressing the sprint button uses some stamina for the speed boost that allows you to beat any attacks that come in. If you’re not fighting it won’t be necessary to use up stamina, and you are able to keep pressing your sprint button in order to keep an accelerated pace.

Torrent also has his own bar of health that can be difficult to identify since it’s not often visible when you’re both suffering. An extremely powerful attack can result in you being taken off the battlefield in the event that Torrent disappears, making you vulnerable to subsequent with attacks. You are able to summon Torrent when you’re getting back to normal However, if the HP of Torrent is exhausted the character will not reappear until you lay down at the Site of Grace, or spend one charge of the flask of Crimson Tears to resurrect his appearance. It is possible to combat this issue making use of area of effect healing magic, or by feeding the made Rowa Raisins in Torrent following a major battle.
There are huge vertical winds that blow through the Lands Between called Spiritsprings that let you leap to impressive heights, but it’s possible that you don’t realize you can also leap down them too. If you make sure you are careful and get close to one, you’ll notice the effect of a gusting Torrent that will negate any injury from falling and allows you to take leaps that could otherwise be fatal to you.

It is crucial to speed up your pace when participating in combat with mounted weapons on Torrent However, be cautious when you’re attempting to slice at enemies on the ground . If they’re wearing shields and your attacks make you slow drastically, which will allow opponents to crowd your.

Fast Traveling

The ability to fast travel on your map is an exciting option in FromSoftware games. Elden Ring comes with some rules which are easily ignored. Since you’re not able to access your map during combat it isn’t possible to fast move around in combat either The only thing that can rewind you back to the Site of Grace in combat can use all of your runes.

Also, you cannot speed travel when exploring the mini dungeons scattered across the landscape. However, being defeated by the boss of the dungeon can bring a ray of light that will send back to the entry point. However, this doesn’t apply to the bigger Legacy Dungeons which means that you are able to travel through the various places of grace within the more expansive dungeons as you like and even if you are in a tough circumstance after a one-way journey down a rooftop.

Sometimes, you’ll encounter occasions that happen only when you travel fast to a particular area. For instance, after you’ve spoken with Melina on the first occasion, when you travel fast towards the Church of Elleh, you’ll receive a warm welcome from someone who will give them an opportunity to ring the Spirit Calling Bell. After your entry into Stormveil Castle, if you speed-travel towards Stormhill’s warmaster’s Shack in Stormhill in the late at night, you’ll be confronted by a powerful enemy. The options might not be always yours however.

Bosses Roaming Only So As

7 Things that Elden Ring Doesn't Tell You

Certain bigger than life roaming bosses, such as dragons, can swiftly transform large portions of a zone into battlefields as they tear down trees and smash through rocks, chasing you through their abode. If you step too far from the overworld boss’s battleground, they might disappear at any time, and go back to where they first appeared and disengage you from the battle

The good thing is that it isn’t a way to regenerate their health, nor does it reset the timer. It’s possible to return to the place you left off, or take the time to replenish and prepare to fight the battle or return in the future.

Make sure that Dead People Stay Dead


At specific points in Elden Ring there is a reference the phrase “Those Who Live in Death”. This usually refers to enemies such as Skeletons You may be surprised to discover that once they’ve been defeated they are able to revive themselves completely to continue at you.

The most effective way to overcome this is to make use of holy magic, creating holy pots or infusing your weapon with holy power to ensure that your enemies will die completely. If you aren’t able to access these tools however, you are able to defeat the enemy with “normal” tools. After their bones have hit the ground, watch for glowing white light across the floor as they spring up to their former glory. Be sure to strike the ground to end them and they’ll re-grow back to their full health.

Which feature you loved the most in Elden Ring

The Jump To New Heights, Fall to New Depths

The exploration of Dungeons The Dungeon exploration in Elden Ring is more focused on platforming than the previous SoulsBorne games, as you can freely move around at will. This gives you more space to explore or wander off from the main road and the idea that is “out beyond bounds” has changed dramatically. You can now leap to rooftops over ramparts, crumbling walls, through structures, and over gaps to discover new areas that are hidden, as well as alternate routes. Damage from falling is drastically decreased with Elden Ring compared to previous games (even more so in parts that are part of Legacy Dungeons) therefore you can become a little more adventurous.

The Destinations of HTML0 are Unknown.

Elden Ring has a variety of teleporters which can take you from where you are now to other regions of the Lands Between. There are some hidden within remote locations while others are locked with specific keys, while others will help you navigate through the most difficult of gaps. You don’t be able to tell where you’ll end up until you’re on the other side . And a lot are only able to teleport you in one direction.

Certain teleporters can be used to trap you within chests (instead of mimics which will devour your). They usually put you in danger However, unlike other teleporters, should you are caught by one of them traps, you’ll not be able to speed move or respawn at the location of mercy until you locate another. Take extra care when you navigate your way out of the trap, as dying could return you to the place where the teleporter trap dropped you.

Unlocking Imp Seals 

When exploring the area, you might come across some barriers, or even inactive areas with the twin-fanged imp statue near by. These can unlock gateways, treasures, mini dungeons, and even optional bosses. If you come across an Stonesword Key, you can gain access to these barriers by putting them inside the statues of imps (some require 1, while others require 2) However, you can drain your key.

It is important to think about the time and place you’d like to utilize the keys. It’s good to know that you can use utilize these keys in a variety of ways available from merchants, found on bodies in remote zones, and even inside Legacy Dungeons.

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