24 Amazing Things In Horizon Forbidden West

24 Amazing Things In Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West is an intensely engaging adventure, filled with imposing machines, conflicting tribes, and an abundance of historical lore to learn. It’s also a stunning technical accomplishment and has a keen eye for the smallest details in its gameplay, characters and graphics that had us in amazement.

There were plenty to choose from, however, these are our top 26 incredible little details from Horizon Forbidden West. (Some spoilers ahead for those who have not yet played through the latter parts in Horizon Forbidden West!)

1. Guerilla has spent a great deal of time perfecting the animations of Aloy even in the most tense instances. If she is standing close to the edge of a building, for example, Aloy will sway and strive to stay in equilibrium.

2. The arms of your child will shake when you’ve got a bow in your hand.

3. In more thrilling moments, Guerrilla’s ability to create unique animations continues to be awe-inspiring with the rappel down movement. It is back as cool as always, however the method Aloy is able to activate the Shieldwing or throws the Pullcaster to secure the point is equally chic.

4. Machines are subtle differences from each other. If you examine them closely you will see that they are adorned with the logo of the cauldron (where they were produced) inscribed on the outside of them.

5. They’re also real battle-worn. If you look closely at their exteriors, you’ll be able to see scratches and rust spots particularly on their undersides.

6. Aloy is a prolific source of verbal hints however, we’re always amazed by the times she’s mentioned things connected to her quest logs when you’re on the main quest and are nearing a sidequest beat such as, Aloy might mention it in public. (ie: Rebel camps)

7. Aloy can physically respond to any surroundings she’s in. She’ll feel cold and hold snowflakes in her hands, and sweat and sweat in hot temperatures.

8. She’ll also speak about the weather. If it’s raining, or if she’s trapped on the ground, and she’ll announce it.

9. The hair of Aloy is amazing and energetic. It moves in the breeze and bounces when running and even moves underwater in a realistic way.

10. After you’ve completed the sidequest and Aloy tells a key person from the sidequest that she’ll keep track of the characters in town, she’s actually saying the word “check in. You are able to visit the town that they travel to and check on them by using some dialog options.

11. When you catch an object’s attention, and then throw an object to disorient it, it’ll continue to watch the area it believes you’re in, while it shifts to the place you threw the rock similar to “you are watching your a$”.

12. It is possible to use the Pullcaster to grab items from the edges that you are unable to reach… and, if you don’t wish to stroll all the way there.

13. DualSense DualSense mirrors the movement of machines. A larger robot can create a greater rumble and attacks from machines that stagger Aloy can be felt by the controller.

14. When we talk about the DualSense it uses its haptics and speakers to imitate the elements of your weapon, for example, the sound of electricity that comes from a Tripcaster.

15. Sidequeststoo are of real significance This time. You can hop into or out of Chainscrape at any time and follow its threads to effect real change by removing its leader and replacing him with an entirely new and more sane chief of town.

16. Conversations are more engaging throughout the day this time around. People are more frequently interacting in the environment around them, interacting with the world around them and talking as if they are real.

17. In addition, Guerrilla also found a brilliant method of ensuring that regardless of the you decide to do in conversations that it’s always prepared to ask a different question. Aloy and a different character may be in a single position in their default position, but they will change positions or stand up, move towards objects in the vicinity as you delve into dialog options. However, as they slow down and settle down, they’ll gradually back to their motion so that they can make an easy transition to the next phase.

18. Machine Strike, Forbidden West’s game-within-a game, adapts the basic gameplay mechanics in incredibly adorable ways. Game pieces come with shielded areas as well as weak spots.

19. The lighting can make a significant impact in highlighting the details in the costumes of Horizon Forbidden West according to the angleof the light, it will reveal various patterns on the costume.

20. The outfit of Aloy will also become dirty, snowy or sandy depending on the area you go.

21. If you step out of the conversation’s range to get something and the conversation abruptly ends it will resume once you return to the range of the NPC that you’re speaking to.

22. In the event that you are trying to keep away from a machine by keeping an object that’s out of reach, it’s going to be aware of you and attempt to knock down the pole. Grapple points are easily destroyed by machines using their ranged attack.

23. Sometimes, you’ll come across through tribes fighting machines of every size and, at times, they’ll chip away enough to allow you to sneak into the fray, complete the task and then steal the treasure.

24. You can shiftwing into specific regions of the earth to help you get a boost similar to dust tornadoes that occur that occur in deserts.

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